The Elevate your Life Masterclass – ‘Embracing a Positive Mindset’ was a huge success!

The masterclass was a great opportunity to talk about how our thoughts and limiting beliefs influence our experiencing of life, present some powerful ways on how to create more of what we want, and offer some simple practices to take control of our mental wellbeing in order to feel happy, abundant and well.

During a transformational afternoon the participants were open to looking at some limiting beliefs holding them back, took part in individual and group activities, shared their stories, and learnt about positive mindset.

Everyone enjoyed the exercises and found the information relevant and useful. They finished the day feeling inspired to let go of the old to welcome the new, and took away practical tools to start implementing immediately as well as bonuses and gifts to further support them on their journey!

Here are some of the comments made about their experience:

‘I feel uplifted and more confident already! ‘

‘What we learnt is easy to understand, down to earth and simple to apply’

‘The new beliefs I have defined feel truer to me than the ones I’ve been holding so far, they describe more how I want to feel’

‘I can do this!’

‘I feel I am on the right path here, and I am excited!’

As always, I enjoy presenting these masterclasses and I am grateful for all who attended (and the ones who had the intention to come but couldn’t). A big THANK YOU to all!

Come along to the next Masterclass

If you’d like to reclaim your power, take control of your mindset and be inspired to create what you desire and deserve, then I invite you to be part of the next Elevate your Life masterclass.

When you decide to shed the beliefs that have been holding you back, you remove the obstacles standing in your way, and you can gain positive forward movement.

If you are ready to improve your life and personal fulfilment, then contact me with your details so I can notify you when the next masterclass will take place.

With light and love.

Liliana ♡

PS: In the meantime, you can read Freedom of the Soul to connect to your inner wisdom, increase your awareness and appreciation  of  how magnificent, powerful, important, and unique you are. You can download a free introductory chapter here.