Inspirational Speaking

I am passionate about helping people confidently stand in their own power to live with deeper meaning and purpose, aligned with their authentic self. For that reason I enjoy speaking to groups as a way to inspire, inform and motivate them to live with more awareness, and embracing a more empowered way to live life.

During my talks I take my audience on a journey of self-discovery and awareness, where they are encouraged to stop living in ‘autopilot mode’ and start living in a more conscious way, while becoming active creators of the life they desire. I believe that we can all create a life we truly love to live with the right attitude, support and mindset.

The intention behind my presentations is for the audience to walk away inspired and ready to give and be their best.

These are my signature talks that I have already presented:

  • Embracing a new way of being and living life: This talk is about living life from the soul’s perspective, reconnecting with your essence, and consciously choosing the life you desire to live.
  • Self-empowerment tools to thrive in life: In this talk I show how to let go of self-sabotaging believes that prevent you from thriving in life in general and from reaching your goals and desires in particular.
  • Living the empowered way: In this talk I explain how by connecting with your personal power you can shift what is not working in your life and transform the outside world to reflect the new empowered you.
  • The art of mindful living: In this talk I explain the basic concepts of living mindfully, the benefits it provides and share how to integrate mindfulness into your life in practical ways to create a state of joy, inner calm and flow.

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These are some comments from past attendants:

Liliana, just wanted to let you know that your talk at the Annual Reiki Day was incredible, thank you so much. I’m still feeling very empowered and uplifted from it.
~ Jennifer F. ~

When I learnt that there was a motivational speaker presenting at the event I was attending I was not that excited because I thought the talk was going to be about all the positive thinking stuff that I already know. However Liliana, as soon as you started talking I was hooked. I didn’t want you to finish the talk! I loved everything you shared that day. I felt that all you talked about resonated with me and I wanted to know more. Thank you Liliana for a wonderful talk and for bringing such invaluable information to us. Of course I bought your book and I definitely want to work with you.
~ Sandra P. ~

I am on fire this morning!! What a FANTASTIC day yesterday at our Plexus Perth Training Event!! We had the absolute privilege of participating in a session with Life Empowerment Coach and Mentor Liliana Vanasco!! WOW learning about how to be your own best friend was an Ah-ha moment for me! This morning when I woke up I used one of Liliana’s techniques: I looked at my best friend in the mirror and said ‘Let’s have a great day! What amazing things are we creating today?
~ Brenda C. ~

Liliana, your talk was amazing. It really inspired me! I felt that I was meant to be there today and listen what you had to say. It really resonated with my little soul. You are an amazing and inspirational lady. I am sure that I’m not the only one who thought this, and many of the others in the class would agree with me. Thank you. Em.
~ Emily ~