Empowerment & Soul filled Living Workshops

My Workshops are unique and are mindfully created to present you with topics that I feel inspired to share and teach.

They are designed to present life-changing, soul-nourishing and empowering material that will ignite the light within you to enhance the way you live.

Drawing on everything I’ve learned through my studies, my own journey of self-discovery and the experience attained from working successfully with my clients, these workshops provide you with the exercises, tools, and teachings you need to re-connect with your true self, step out of your comfort zone, ignite your zest for life, and guide your way in your journey to live your best life.

If you like the group setting and the dynamics that working with others bring to the experience then the Empowerment and Soul filled Living workshops are a great way for you to be inspired to embrace your powerful self and flourish in every way.

You depart the workshop:

Feeling inspired, empowered and energised +

With tips and practical tools to implement into your life immediately +

With a giveaway that will further support you on your wellness journey!

‘The Art of Creating the Life You Love to Live’ ½ day workshop

Whether your goal is to have more money, make a career change, get in shape, or find your soulmate, success begins with connecting with your desire and harnessing a positive mindset. In this interactive, transformational and fun workshop Liliana helps you to let go of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and shows you how to reclaim your power by embracing new habits and beliefs so you can start creating the life you love to live.

In this workshop you will:

  • Understand how your thoughts and beliefs shape the life you are living now,
  • Learn how by shifting your mindset you can move from where you are now to where you want to be,
  • Experience release of emotional pain as you expand your connection with your inner source of happiness,
  • Use the power of visualisation to release what doesn’t serve you so you can welcome the new,
  • Learn how to create rules, habits and beliefs that support the life you desire,
  • Work with a process that enables you to shift your outlook of life into a more positive, abundant and joyful one.

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Here is what past participants have said about their experience:

Liliana, thank you so much for the Step into your Year of Divine Manifesting workshop! It was truly what I needed. I gained so much from the experience, especially to be mindful of my thoughts, my words and how I feel towards other people. I’ll definitely be working on that! This one day has put me on my Soul’s Journey once again 💗. I’m grateful to have met you! You are a beautiful and intuitive woman.
~ Dorita M. ~

Thank you  Liliana for the amazing workshop. I feel truly aligned and wake up every morning ready to start my day! I invite in ‘expansion’ into my day and see what unfolds. I feel so aligned, in a way that I haven’t felt before. I am so thankful and grateful that I found this workshop and you!
~ Amy Williams ~

Thanks to you Liliana, it was a great day. You are amazing! I would like to also thank you for allowing me to bring up something that I didn’t really think was bothering me, but I now know it does! I am looking forward to your next event.
~ Rose M. ~

Liliana great workshop, you have made me re-focus on myself. It feels wonderful. I feel I can accomplish what I want and most importantly “I Believe In Myself. From my heart….Thank you. Luciana xx
~ Luciana B. ~

Thanks Liliana, I’m truly grateful to you. It’s amazing how by listening to what you share has opened my eyes to see that by making different choices I can change my life. Thank you!
~ Kathleen S. ~