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Before I started working with Liliana I was feeling confused with myself and my life in general.  More than anything, I craved peace in my mind and my life, even though my life has always been filled with a wonderful family and friends. My mind was so cluttered and worried with just everyday life, and I always felt that I was a ‘poor me’ sort of person − a bit stupid, weak-minded, worrying if I had said or done the right thing in so many situations, and so many other ordinary things that prevented any peace of mind.

Liliana has given me the tools to change these things forever. She has taught me to appreciate myself and the person I am. I DO NOT belittle myself in my mind anymore, instead, I enjoy positive self-talk,  telling myself that I am unique, which every person is I now realize, and that I am worthy of love, happiness and peace. Thanks to Liliana, I now have the power of positive thinking. No more negative thinking for me!!

The time I have spent with Liliana over the last months has enriched my life and my outlook on life in general.  She is a pleasure to be around, such a wonderful listener, compassionate, genuinely caring and nurturing, and has a great sense of humour too!!!  I have always walked away from our sessions with a smile on my face and a warm feeling inside.

Sincere thanks to you Liliana.....

Kaye M.
I reached out to Liliana when I decided I had finally had enough of feeling constantly angry despite having nothing but a perfect life. I have young children and was worried I was spending the best years of my life wishing the time away. Liliana has assisted me in changing my perspective on life and taught me communication skills that have strengthened all of my relationships.

Amanda Hall
When I came to see Liliana five months ago I was angry, in pain and lashing out at every situation that disagreed with me. I felt tired and unhappy. I didn’t want to feel that way anymore. I wanted relief and to feel better. That’s why I decided to embark on Liliana’s Empowerment Program.

Five months passed and I feel a different person. I never thought how powerful shifting our mindset could be. I smile more now and I am excited for what's to come. I feel good, happy.

This is what I’ve learned and changed in me and my life by working with Liliana:

I have an awareness that I didn’t have before. I am more aware of my thoughts, my perceptions, and reactions to situations and people, and I can choose how to deal with them –before I didn’t. I just reacted.
I am reacting less to conditions that I disagree with or can’t control, and I feel more relaxed and less stressed as a result. I’ve realised that wanting people to be different is a silly expectation and a stressful job that doesn’t work. I now work on myself. I feel I no longer remain in a state of anger or discontent when I have disagreements or things don’t go my way.
I’ve noticed that my anxiety levels have reduced, and this allows me to feel calmer. I am more aware of the way I want to feel. I want to feel good, and I make that choice all the time.

Daily, I remind myself to be more present, and I feel more at peace with myself. I love the short meditation that Liliana taught me. I never meditated before, so this is new to me. I am noticing the positive impact that meditation brings to my life −the serenity, presence and clarity I have now, I love! I don't always achieve stillness during my meditation, but I know I am getting better and better at it.

I have embraced gratitude, and I appreciate what life gives me –I didn’t do this before. I now see my life for the blessing that it is. I am profoundly grateful for everything, especially the clarity and peace I feel that let me see how fortunate I am.  I have so much. Nothing is missing in my life! I cannot understand why I complained so much when so much goodness is happening in my life.

I am fully focused on putting my energy and work into the vision of my life I have defined with Liliana’s help. The belief that I can achieve what I desire is strong and real. I feel excited to create what I want. I know it will take time to manifest my vision and to fully embrace all the changes I want to bring into my life, but I know that little by little, the new habits and attitudes I've learnt will become a natural part of me if I continue to apply them in my daily life.

I also feel different spiritually. I feel more positive, peaceful and harmonious; the darkness has lifted. I feel good, and I am so happy that I decided to take this path. A Million Billion Thank yous Liliana, you are a blessing!

Sabrina R.
Wow, what a powerful workshop! I have just finished Liliana’s ‘Step into your Year of Divine Manifesting’ retreat.
The visualisations were so impactful. Liliana took us on a beautiful gentle journey to find what our soul's need from us right now.
I am so thankful and grateful I found this workshop and Liliana herself, and that I committed my time and energy to this and to our little supportive group.
I loved all the analogies of ‘the box’, ‘the cloak’ and the 'archway' meditation that Liliana presented to make the understanding so much easier.
The workshop was amazing, not only for what we learned but for the way Liliana delivered it all.
I feel so aligned, in a way that I haven’t felt before. I knew I was at a start of a new journey, but now I can fully be present and immersed in my EXPANSION 💕

Amy Williams
Dear Liliana, so much has changed in my life and you have been a huge influence. I could never thank you enough!.
What did you gift me during our time working together? It's you're energy of peace and the way you deliver your knowledge. It comes with love and understanding. Most who deliver similar guidance do it by pushing on you; you do not lay blame when people bring up the barriers that you are helping them to break down. You made me feel good, that I could change. I always looked forward to our next session.
You offered me solutions to make changes, carved out a path for me to follow and engaged with me as equals. Gave me fun tasks to do at home which kept my mind on what my aim was. I now know that those fun tasks were powerful indeed!
With much love and respect Christine. Perth, Western Australia

Christine Mohr
My intention when I came to see Lilianna was to create a business I am passionate about and to transition into my business part-time and eventually full time.
My dreams of becoming an Artist are becoming reality.
While I have been coaching with Liliana I have been shifting my mindset dramatically and I feel optimistic and positive about my future as an artist.
I feel empowered by Liliana and she has been an excellent guide to show me the way to heal myself and how to run my Art business. I would recommend anyone that needs an uplifting, positive guide to coach you through anything you need help with, it was life-changing, thank-you Liliana!

Nina Baker
The Empowerment Program with Liliana was the best experience that happened to me to work on achieving my goal - my healing practice. So exciting!
Since years it has been my heart’s desire but I didn’t know how and where to begin.
Visualisation, meditation, mind mapping and practical tasks Liliana provided have been wonderful and powerful tools for realising my dream.
I always looked forward to the next session within the 4-month program as I gained a profound understanding and deep clarity of the process of how to set up a fulfilling and successful healing practice. I really appreciate Liliana’s positive nature, endless enthusiasm and great encouragement.
I feel absolutely happy, inspired and motivated to stay focussed on my goal and to take the necessary actions – step by step.
Thank you, Liliana. I can highly recommend your Empowerment Program and your services to people who want to live their dream.

Hi thank you so much for this morning I have lots of work to do! Ooh, can't wait for Thursday learning, learning, learning! 100%   I would never have looked at my life like I do now if not for your Soul lessons, yes, sometimes the truth is difficult... but I appreciate your no sugar coating approach... It’s just the boost I needed to get started... bring it on... I'm ready to face my fears, Liliana!

Geraldine Ormes
As always, Liliana brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to her classes. She delicately delivers an experience that guides you deeper into your soul, to help you remember that part of you that is already within. Soul Lessons is the perfect class to help you discover your own freedom from within. This class consistently has rave reviews from all who attend as they gain so many pearls of wisdom to apply to life and make positive change. This is the kind of class you gift yourself and thank yourself 10 years later that you did.

Eesha Patel
CEO of Siddhi Space
Hi Liliana,
I thoroughly enjoyed your classes Soul Lessons and I felt they were packed with so much great information and tools that I found very useful and I am incorporating them in to my life daily. I loved how each week had a different topic and focus with a lovely meditation related to the class subject.
Your passion and warmth really shows in each and every class which I really liked about it and it made it very comfortable for me to be in the session.
I hope I can be part of more classes in the future!
By the way I just bought your book on kindle and I'll probably buy the proper book as well.
Thanks Elisa x

Elisa L.
Liliana, your talk was amazing. It really inspired me! I felt that I was meant to be there today and listen what you had to say. It really resonated with my little soul. You are an amazing and inspirational lady. I am sure that I’m not the only one who thought this, and many of the others in the class would agree with me. Thank you. Em. ~~ Presentation at Siddhi Space Relaunch Open Day

My biggest struggles when I started the coaching program were my lack of motivation and the daily negative self-talk about my weight. Never did I realise that I could address my emotional eating in such a simple and delightful way, but that’s exactly what has happened. I feel renewed!

The biggest change I have noticed is the lack of effort in choosing healthier food options. Now, after only 4 weeks in the program, I find that I don’t need to force or convince myself to make better choices, I just simply DO.

The negative self-talk has been drastically diminished and replaced by feelings of empowerment and positivity! I don’t feel the guilt and blame that I used to feel before after eating something unhealthy. This is a great load off my shoulders.

I also loved the reiki sessions and catching up with Liliana every week to tell her about my discoveries and changes. Never in a million years did I think that changing my subconscious mind would be the key to my success in addressing my emotional eating.

By doing the program, I have gained self-support, self-motivation, positivity and the drive to be healthy. I am on my way to living a healthy lifestyle and for that, I cannot thank Liliana enough!

Camilla V.
I worked with Liliana to help me achieve my goal of growing my spiritual practice. My experience with Liliana was both inspirational and motivating. In each session she made me feel like she was in the present moment with me and focused on what it was I wanted to achieve. At the end of each session I felt lighter, I had a clear sense of where my focus needed to be and knew the specific next steps I needed to take. I came to Liliana feeling a bit overwhelmed because I wasn't sure how to proceed. She was very good at helping me simplify steps so that I could create an action plan for myself that would create results. Using the Law of Attraction and specific techniques Liliana recommended I started to see results in the first week of working together and it just progressed from there. It was an extremely rewarding experience. I feel a sense of relief knowing where I'm headed now and how I'm getting there. Thank you Liliana - you are a talented coach and I highly recommend your services to anyone who needs support in achieving their goals.

Kimberly Thalken
Founder, Love First. - Los Angeles, CA. USA
After a lifetime of poor decisions and relationship patterns, as well as visits to psychologists and counsellors which were no help at all, I turned to Liliana for help. In the past, I found psychologists and counsellors sympathetic with my situation at the time, and very supportive and willing to listen, but I never received guidance to make changes and just ended up repeating behaviours. Liliana, however, was different. She set about "drilling down" to get to the root of the problem and then created tasks for me to work on. I learned how to care for myself first, how to say no, how to make better decisions, and how to let go of 'stuff'. After each session I would go home with a good feeling, knowing that change is possible and anyone can change with the right guidance, and provided they want to, and today I am more confident with my life decisions. I would highly recommend Liliana to anyone who would like to make changes in their life. She is sympathetic, organised, firm, knowledgeable, and very encouraging. Everything she says makes sense and if you follow her guidance, you WILL see changes in your life! Renata.

Renate W.
I am on fire this morning!! What a FANTASTIC day yesterday at our Plexus Perth Training Event!! We had the absolute privilege of participating in a session with Life Empowerment Coach and Mentor Liliana Vanasco!! WOW learning about how to be your own best friend was an ah-ha moment for me! This morning when I woke up I used one of Liliana's techniques: I looked at my best friend in the mirror and said: good morning Bren’, smiled and added ‘thank you for this brand new day, thank you for being with me, Let's have a great day today! What amazing things are we creating today? Well, today we are doing something SUPER exciting and ticking off a bucket list item......we are going to see Oprah!! Woo Hoo!!”

Brenda Croft
Plexus Ambassador - Australia
Even though the cost of the empowerment program was more than I could comfortably afford, I trusted my intuition and said ‘yes’. I think the financial commitment gave me the incentive I needed to take seriously the changes I needed to make in my life. It was through the program and Liliana’s support that I started changing my attitude to life. I began…

  • Loving writing in my journal, setting my intentions and defining my desire statement..

  • Looking for pictures, words, and images to put on my vision board and enjoying the time visualizing my dreams…

  • Letting go of negative thoughts, and replacing them with more positive ones…
    Taking inspired action towards my goals …

  • Shifting my focus from worrying about problems to finding solutions to my challenges…

  • Feeling more in control of my experiences, feeling empowered…

  • Saying ‘no’ more often and taking time to do more of what I love doing…

By following the simple exercises and practices of Liliana’s program, I now feel much lighter and happier. I have released negative energy and thoughts that were detrimental to my wellbeing in general. I have also experienced amazing synchronicities that have helped me move towards my goals. I am so grateful that I embarked on this journey.”

Lisa S.
Hi Liliana, how are you? Just thought you'd like to know I passed my final nursing exam so in 6 months I will be a registered nurse. I have come a long way since I first met you. I owe you a lot for my success. I am proud of myself although there were times I thought I'd never get there but I kept on going. Liliana you are an amazing lady. You worked with me for a while and made profound changes in my life as a result I am more confident and that encouraged me to go to university and become a nurse so that I can help others. I cannot thank you enough and wish you every success. Congratulations on your book, you deserve it! You are an earth angel in my eyes and I wouldn't be where I am without your help. I am so grateful to have met you xx"

Ashleigh Thompson
Hi Liliana, I wanted to let you know that your talk at the 22nd Annual Reiki Day was incredible. Thank you so much, I'm still feeling empowered and energised from it. Speak soon, Jen

Jennifer F.

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