Freedom of the Soul


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Freedom of the Soul was written to assist you on your inner journey of self-discovery, by guiding you to awaken to your true nature and to contemplate and do things outside the box of your life, created by predetermined ideas and beliefs.

Freedom of the Soul offers clear wisdom on how to reconnect with yourself, nurture that precious partnership and listen to the whispers from your soul in order to discover the changes needed to live a more inspired and purposeful life.

If you want to discover more about yourself, walk as partners with your soul, live with more awareness and intention as a way to a happier life, healing, creativity, and transformation Freedom of the Soul will provide you with the guidance and tools to achieve that.

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4 reviews for Freedom of the Soul

  1. Ele Mas

    I have read your book, and despite the difficulties of the language (I speak Spanish) it has been very valuable to me.
    I am happy to be connected with you and with your message of hope and love.
    I thank life for having met you. Wish you all the best and keep shining your light.

  2. Louise S.

    Hi Liliana,
    Just wanted you to know I have finally finished reading your book. I read it once and highlighted (lots) and then went back and reread the highlighted sections and then did the exercises. I have now typed up some notes from the book.
    I think the book has great ideas and expressed in a different way from a lot of other books. I love the way you present your ideas and in some ways the book has clarified things for me. Think it will be especially good for those just starting their spiritual journey. I wish all the best with your book.

  3. Alex G.

    Hi Liliana,
    My friend, Janine, and I are volunteering every now and then. Once we volunteered to an organization for single mothers and Janine was talking about ‘Freedom of the Soul’. She even recommended the book to them and, of course, to me too. I loved your book! And now, like my friend, I am sharing it with others not only because of the great material that the book presents but also to help a woman like yourself whom I believe can create a huge impact to empowering women like me too. Thank you!

  4. Rose Oliveri

    Absolutely loving your book Liliana, I’m almost half way through it <3 <3

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