My Journey

Since I was little I somehow ‘knew’ that we are meant to be happy and as I grew up the intention of ‘being happy’ continued to be at the core of all my relationships and endeavors. I understood it when I was a child and I know it now as an adult, that happiness is an inward experience and that when we feel happy inside, the power of that feeling expands outwards transforming the circumstances of our life in amazing ways.

I am passionate about personal development and growth and clearly believe that we have immense power within ourselves to create the life we desire and that our mindset plays a key role in the way we experience life. Being happy, living intentionally and with purpose is something we have to cultivate every day and it is up to us to find the tools and ways that can help us be in that state.

Following my sense of adventure and passion I took on board the many changes and challenges that life threw me over the years, always keeping my ‘being happy’ motto close to my heart. Life rewarded me with a loving family, good health, a great job, a generous income, a beautiful home, great friends, money in the bank, and above all, plenty of love.

But it was during my early 30’s, with the ever increasing work and family demands, that I realized how little time I had left to myself or to enjoy the beautiful life I had. I was doing too much, rushing through my days, and living on autopilot. I felt stressed, overwhelmed, unfulfilled and trapped.

Despite all the blessings in my life for some reason I was not feeling as happy as I should be.

I didn’t know what to do, so I just kept on going. From the outside, I looked fine but on the inside I was exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally, which was affecting the quality of my life, and my wellbeing.

I knew that if I wanted things to be different, I had to look to change.

Without knowing, my need to find balance and remain happy and healthy in a demanding and stressful life started me on a journey of personal and spiritual growth. My search for harmony and meaning led me to discover meditation. This practice not only helped me to find inner calm and clarity but also opened the doors to awakening and connecting with my inner self.

In the years that followed I dedicated more time to my personal growth, reading extensively and attending seminars and workshops within the mind-body-spirit field, which opened doors to other ways of thinking, feeling, and seeing life. I also reconnected with my love for writing, activity that turned into a cathartic and spiritual journey that led me to the writing of my book, Freedom of the Soul: Whispers of Wisdom from Your Inner Being to Live a Life of Purpose.

During my time of transition I learned many lessons. Some of those lessons are:

  • People were giving me advice based on their own experiences. When I accepted that I wanted to have a different experience of life to theirs, I went to find my own answers.
  • I realised I could be happy to whatever extent I decided—there is no limit, regardless of external circumstances, so I went on to figure out how to achieve it.
  • When I allowed myself to shed my old skin, to shed all those layers that didn’t serve me anymore, I was able to let go of the fear that was holding me back to start living in a new way.
  • When I paid attention to my inner nagging and listened, answers came and offered me some clarity. On the other hand, when I ignored the nagging and tried to shut it up, I felt upset and confused.
  • The more I feared the unknown side of change, the slower I walked along my journey of transformation.
  • When I accepted that I already knew all the answers I was seeking, I was able to reconnect with that knowledge and follow its guidance.
  • We are always shedding skin; we are always transitioning in our journey of growth.
  • The partnership with our soul is the most important of all the relationships in our physical life.
  • When I decided to look within myself, I found inner peace, guidance, love and healing.
  • When I listened and trusted the whispers from my soul (even though I had no idea how I was going to make things happen) the Universe took care of me.
  • When I became more present in life, life became a present to me.
  • I only needed to believe in my vision even if I couldn’t yet see it. As my belief grew my vision began to become real.
  • When I believed, trusted and allowed, I began to manifest opportunities in my life.
  • Our purpose is to be happy and each one of us has a unique definition of what happiness is.
  • We have the power within us to create the life we truly love to live.

Despite all the ups and downs, my amazing journey of growth, discoveries, wonder, and happiness inspired me to leave my successful career in the corporate world and step out of my comfort zone to follow my inner call.

These were not easy times. It was not easy to leave a recognized and well paid corporate job and step into the unknown to embark on a new path. The great thing was that even though those important people in my life didn’t understand what I was going through, why I was feeling the way I was feeling and what was driving me to make the changes I wanted to make, they supported me and gave me the strength to face the fears and embrace change.

This inner calling moved me to transform and share my learnings with others so I can in turn inspire them to embark on their own journey of growth to wellbeing, freedom and empowerment.

All my studies and my book provided me with the tools to start facilitating personal development workshops and individual life coaching sessions.

The shifts and transformation I witnessed in my clients led me to design and lead new workshops, share information in my newsletter, connect via social media, participate at wellness expos, and start presenting at speaking events in order to reach more people.

I am grateful for to those who have supported and support my journey, and I continue walking my path driven by my divine guidance, the joy I feel, and inspired by the wonderful praise I receive from those whose lives I’ve touched.

I know my path will take me to amazing destinations, and as I walk this path I will continue to do what I have always done, and that is . . . listen to my soul’s whispers to live a life of purpose!

For more information or if you desire to connect with me, please contact me or visit me on facebook.