Are you ready to look within and discover your powerful and wonderful self?
This program is designed for those who want to immerse themselves in the transformational journey of inner growth, intentional living, conscious manifesting & purpose.

You will walk away with clarity, direction, a new confidence in who you are, and what you want your life to be.
You will feel greater happiness and appreciation for all you are.
You will release unwanted habits and tune into the wisdom that is within you in order to live with more awareness, make more empowered choices, and so transform from inside out.

This is a premier program to help you transform some deeper level misgivings you may have had about your life and yourself, what is possible for you, and reclaim your personal power. All change does require some time and attention, and through working with me to clear out the “big blocks” that may be held within, you get set to embrace a path to more beautiful and soul-filled living.

Your 6-Month ‘New You’ Deluxe Program Includes:

  • A 90-minute Kick-Off Strategy Session to set the foundations for the work ahead
  • 15 x 60-minute coaching sessions
  • 2 x 60-minute support and follow-up coaching sessions
  • A welcome pack (that includes a beautiful notebook and journal to record all your discoveries and learning)
  • Transformational exercises, tools, and worksheets (to complete in between sessions. This is an essential part of the work and your success)
  • Personalized Action Plan after each session
  • Handouts, notes and resources
  • A copy of ‘Freedom of the Soul’
  • Set of 8 Transformational Subliminal Meditation/Visualization Audios (to help you create lasting change and transformation in the areas of Prosperity, Health, Relationships, Success, Happiness, Self-Esteem, Weight Loss and Manifesting)


Are you ready to embrace the New You?

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