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Read the success stories from my happy clients…

This program has opened my eyes to options and skills to manage myself in a difficult corporate environment, giving me the understanding that I need to keep developing/training.

I now know that positive thinking, visualisation and vibrations impact my future.

I have also realised and acknowledge that I am talented and worthy of all that comes to me.

Mark T.
I have been coaching with Liliana over the past few months and have found her to be very encouraging and supportive working together on my goals. I found her very positive and after our calls I always felt extremely motivated, it is nice to have someone to support you in your life goals. I highly recommend Liliana as an excellent Life Coach; she is a great listener and is very inspiring. Thank you Liliana.

Jackie B.
I wanted to Thank You for the Meditation Course we just recently completed. I had only dabbled in meditation in the past and did not realise the different ways that I could really become in tune with my inner self.

Having also gone through your Empowerment Programme I have come out of it empowered in my self-thought and reconnecting with positive thinking, wiping away mind chatter and my negative thinking.

I have found my purpose again, my confidence in where I am going, my heart and soul are literally singing. My aspirations have come to the forefront, no longer buried. I am true to myself now. I am no longer afraid.

From the beginning when I first met you several years ago, my whole being and soul changed with what I had been crying out for. It took me all this time with your guidance and help to realise this. You have been given a most wonderful gift, the gift of helping people realising their worth to themselves. You are very blessed and therefore bless those around you. Once again, thank you for everything. Luciana xxx

Luciana Bailey
Liliana I want to thank you so much for your words of encouragement and knowledge that you give during our sessions.

I have applied the changes you suggest and I am so much more confident and relaxed. My anxiety levels have decreased and to top it off I find I can sleep through the night. YAY!!!!!

I follow your instructions for my meditations and find that my thought process is totally different to what it was. It's hard to break habits of a lifetime but you have given me very useful tools to help with that process.

In the beginning the thought of talking to myself was a bit daunting. But now I understand that what I am really doing is listening to my inner voice that holds all those thoughts and feelings that I was not letting out.  Liliana provided me with so many tools, insights, support, guidance and understanding. Again I thank you very much wise lady.

Norma R.
Thanks to you Liliana, it was a great day. You are amazing! I would like to also thank you for allowing me to bring up something that I didn’t really think was bothering me, but I now know it does! I am looking forward to our next meeting.

Rose M
I am grateful that at least once a week I was able to take time for my spiritual self and to reflect on the teachings in a group. I was always grateful for how I would feel after every session. The feelings were energized and inspirational. I am grateful for the time that was spent finding flow and purpose and the constant reminder about intent and abundance.

Marisa R.

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