Are you ready to nourish your mind and nurture your soul so you can create and live the life you desire? 

I have created Soul Lessons as an answer to my soul’s calling to share spiritual teachings and practical tools to help you live a more conscious, inspired and empowered life. The lessons offer you a space where week after week, you can switch off from the busyness of your life and the many demands and distractions of the outside world, and take time to immerse into your inner world, connect with your inner wisdom and learn heartfelt practices that will foster wellbeing and expand your heart, mind and soul.

Soul Lessons is four you if you:

  • Would like to enjoy more happiness, heightened vibration, and energy, as well as more flow, peace and balance in your life,
  • Want to learn spiritual solutions to your everyday issues and challenges,
  • Are interested in inner growth and personal transformation,
  • Want to become the creator of a life you’d love to live,
  • Desire to honour and nurture your heart, mind and soul


Over the course of these insightful and enjoyable lessons, I present simple exercises, practical tools and resources to help you create effortless change in your life and show you how to live with more awareness from the space of peace, joy, love, and well-being that is always available to you.

During each lesson I explore a different topic and I show you how to easily apply what you learn to your everyday life.

At the end of each lesson you will emerged more relaxed and balanced; inspired, uplifted and empowered. You will also have simple but powerful tools that you can apply immediately into your life if you so desire.

Each session is stand alone. You can come to all sessions or just the ones that interest you. You can start and end the program at any time.

The outline of topics presented during Soul Lessons is as follows:

  1. Laying the foundations for the journey (Learn fundamental practices to pave the path to positive and empowering change)
  2. Get out of the way and start flowing with life (Find the most common ways you unconsciously use to hold yourself back, and learn how to stop the self-sabotage so you can start to flow and thrive in life)
  3. Change your mind and transform your life. (Once you understand that your mindset directly impacts the quality of your life, you’ll discover you are more powerful than you’ve ever imagined. In this session you’ll learn to transform your life by embracing a mindset that puts you in the driver’s seat)
  4. Claim back your power (In this eye-opening lesson, you’ll discover that you are much more than who you think you are and you’ll wake up to who you truly are. You’ll also learn a powerful tool to take your power back)
  5. Embrace wholeness (In this empowering lesson you’ll gain awareness of your nonphysical side and will also shift the way your experience your physical self. When you acknowledge and embrace all aspects of you, you begin to live life from a different perspective)
  6. Harness the power of your vibrations (Everything is energy that vibrates at various frequencies. When you become aware of it and learn how you can work with it your life takes on a different ride. In this lesson you’ll learn how to raise your vibrations, influence your surroundings and become a powerful magnet for what you desire)
  7. Tune into your inner guidance (Within you there’s an internal GPS, an inner knowing that guides you through life. It is there for you every moment. In this lesson you’ll learn how to look within, not only to hear your inner wisdom but also to find peace, joy, harmony and balance)
  8. Open the heart to love (The intention of this lesson is to invite you to connect to the essence of you, which is LOVE, and learn a beautiful practice to start to nurture self-love and self-care)
  9. Use the power of forgiveness to heal (We all have something that needs to be released from our life. In this lesson we’ll look at forgiveness as a gift to yourself for the healing it creates. You’ll learn to let go in a way that feels safe and honours you)
  10. The power of the present moment (Do you know where your mind is most of the time? I bet that it’s anywhere but here, NOW. In this lesson, you’ll learn about the power of living in the present and how to bring the gift of presence into your everyday life)
  11. Find your way to being – your purpose (At some point in our lives we all ask the question: ‘what’s my purpose?’ In this lesson you’ll find the answer to that question and discover how easily you can live in purpose)
  12. Embracing oneness (We are all one. When you embrace this truth, when you see that you are not separate from the rest but you are part of one consciousness, your life will shift. In this lesson you’ll finally understand the power of oneness)
  13. Simplify your life (Our lives are cluttered with too many things, wants, haves, dos, and even with people, that lead to feelings of stagnation, stuckness, and even illness. In this lesson we’ll explore the different types of clutter and how by embarking on a journey of decluttering you’ll create the space where more of what you want and desire can come to you)
  14. Manifest your desires 101 (You can create the life you want, you just need to know the how. In this enlightening lesson you’ll learn to use the tools available to you, in the right way, so you can begin to manifest what you want in life straightaway)
  15. Create an abundant life (The fastest way to happiness and abundance is Gratitude. In this uplifting lesson we’ll talk about how appreciation and gratitude create such positive and empowering vibration that can only result in an abundant and magnificent life!)


The material for Soul Lessons comes from my book ‘Freedom of the Soul’. The book provides the roadmap and tools to a new way of being and living showing that re-connecting with your true self is the way to a happier life, healing, creativity, and transformation. You can download a free introductory chapter of the book  here.

A journey of self-discovery

In summary, Soul Lessons will take you on a journey where you’ll learn to appreciate how magnificent, powerful, important, and unique you are. As a result you will begin to shift and transform from within and intentionally start to experience life from a different perspective, a different point of power, with more awareness, and with a new attitude.

Most importantly, they are an invitation to open your heart, tap into your inner source of power and wisdom, and raise your consciousness so you can live a more fulfilling, abundant and purposeful life.

Let’s hear some comments from those who have already completed the program:

“I had my session with Liliana, Soul Lessons. A beautiful and energetic woman offering a wonderful session filled with loving energy and an abundance of information in how to bring the changes into your life to guide you to the life you want to live and the person you want to be. I loved it, I left with a new sense of beginning and feeling like I had stepped out of the cement holding me stuck in place” – Christine

“Liliana, the class was amazing. It really inspired me! I felt that I was meant to be there today and listen what you had to say. It really resonated with my little soul. Thank you” – Emily

“This is the only time during the week when I really stop and give some time to myself. I enjoy what I am learning and I can already notice the difference it’s making in my life” – Lisa

“Brilliant class. Liliana is just divine in the way she delivers her very powerful informative life changing access to your true self” – Chrissy

“This Lady is amazing! Liliana speaks from her heart and so passionate about teaching us to listen from our soul……. I so enjoyed her Soul Lessons Classes xxxxx” – Bernadette 

If your soul has been nagging you to expand in love, purpose and joy, then Soul Lessons are the perfect place to start your journey.

Where, When and How?

At present Soul Lessons run at Siddhi Space in Wangara, in two different time slots:

Wednesdays at 7pm – 8:15pm and Thursdays at 11am – 12.15 pm.

The sessions are booked through the centre. To attend you can either pay on an ‘as you go’ basis, buy block of sessions, or join the centre as a member.

If you have any questions and/or would like to attend the session, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to assist.

I hope you come along to experience Soul Lessons.

About your facilitator:

Liliana Vanasco is a certified life coach, empowerment mentor, author of spiritual growth book Freedom of the Soul and reiki practitioner. Liliana has trained with world leaders in the personal development field, has worked with people from all walks of life since 2007, helping them to bring positive change to their lives, build healthy relationships with themselves, and help them step into their own power through powerful transformational work that blends the practical with the holistic.

For more information about Liliana and to download a free introductory chapter of Freedom of the Soul visit