Amplify your Vibration and Step into your Power Workshop.

You create your life through your vibrations by attracting that which is a vibrational match.

When you learn to set your vibrational frequency, you learn to shape your reality the way you want it.


We are immersed in a vibrational world and we are constantly giving and receiving energy. How you respond to that interaction affects your experience of life.

High energy or vibration makes you feel good, balanced, aligned and happy. Low energy is the opposite; it makes you feel tired, disconnected, unmotivated and maybe stuck.

Join me for this interactive, fun and high vibe workshop if you want to learn to harness the power of your vibration to align with the highest good that is available to you!

Enjoy more peace, balance, vitality, joy and abundance—regardless of the outer conditions in your life.

In the Amplify your Vibrations workshop you will:

1- Learn about your vibrational self and how to work with your vibration

2- Have an introduction to your energy centres, and discover how they influence your wellbeing

3- Learn simple ways to clear away negativity and blockages, balance your energy, and release unhealthy attachments

4- Immerse yourself in colourful meditations and visualizations to put what you learn into practice.

5- Find out the 1-minute practice to help you protect your energy field from external vibrations

6- Be guided through an easy method for your daily energy cleanse

7- Most importantly, relax in a safe space that invites self-healing, growth, and feeling good.

And more…

BONUSES – with your ticket you will also receive:

  • Workbook and handouts
  • A special gift: bonus chapter of Freedom of the Soul: ‘Point of Power: Your Vibrations’
  • A ‘surprise gift voucher’ to be revealed on the day


As a result of what’s been happening in our lives during the last few months, our vibrations have been in a roller-coaster ride.

You deserve to take back control and start feeling better again. This workshop will do that for you. You’ll come away feeling invigorated, refreshed, empowered and brighter, ready to apply what you’ve learnt to your life.


Date: Sunday, July 26, 2020

Time: 12.30 to 4.30pm.

Where: The Orange Palette, 1a/31 Berriman Drive, WANGARA

How: buy your ticket now or if you’d like to pay via bank transfer please contact me

Standard Ticket: $80 – includes the Bonuses: Workbook + Gift Book Chapter + Gift Voucher

Silver Ticket: $125 – includes a signed copy of Freedom of the Soul + ‘Daily Joy & Happiness’ Subliminal Meditation and Visualisation Audio download & user guide to help you keep your vibration high + the Bonuses.

If you are not working with the power that comes from the energy you hold and radiate then it is time to do something about it.

Whether you are new to the topic of vibration and personal power, are interested in learning more, or have practice but desire to increase your awareness of self, this is a great place to be. Come and start transforming your life!

I hope you’ll join me in Amplify Your Vibrations workshop. I can’t wait to gather with you to raise your vibes and ignite transformation!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Places are limited. Book your place now to avoid missing out.

If you have any questions, please contact me on

A confirmation email will be sent out closer to the event date. Please add to your address book so you don’t miss my e-mails.