Elevate your life: Move upward and forward

My mission and passion is and will always be to support you to consciously elevate you and your life to the next level, so you can fully express who you are destined to be and share all that you came here to offer in your unique and perfect way!

For that reason, in the course of my next posts, I am going to share with you the key steps to do just that. These steps are the same ones that I use for myself, and I can assure you they do work. So, let’s get started!

Step 1 to elevate your life: make the decision to move upward and forward

Make the decision that from today on you are moving upward and forward. That simple! This conscious decision is what gets the movement started.

Affirm everyday: “I am moving upward and forward”

Beware of your self-talk

Depending on where you are in your life at present, the idea of moving your life to the next level may make you feel uncomfortable not to mention doubtful. Your ego may bring up questions such as:

‘What does this mean?’

‘Where do I go?

‘How do I do that?’

‘Does this apply to me?’

Let me tell you a few things that will ease your thoughts and feelings:

a) you don’t need to answer these or any other question right now. You only need to decide that you want to start living more powerfully and aligned.

b) Of course, this applies to you and to everyone. You are an amazing being with special gifts and talents. You are destined to expand and grow constantly. You are in a continual state of evolving sometimes consciously, most of the time unconsciously.

When you decide to get to the next level in your life,

you are making a conscious choice, and that is powerful.

What does it mean to elevate your life and why it’s important to do so?

As a living being, you are continuously moved to grow. If you are in doubt, find a picture of yourself when you were little and evaluate whether you have grown physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually since then. You have!

Some of the changes you experienced happened naturally, the rest happened by your own choice or the lack of it.

You are always in the process of either expanding or contracting, of creating or stagnating.

Often, when you don’t flow with the upward movement of life, a gap is created between where you are now and where you’d like to be.

Over time, this gap fills with fears, doubts, insecurities, unsupportive beliefs, cluttered mindset, and an unrealistic perception of yourself.

These disempowering feelings get in the way of your expansion and create unhappiness, lack of fulfilment and a lost sense of meaning. The bigger the gap is, the stronger those feelings are.

If you are in a place in your life where you know that you are holding yourself back, decide that it is time to let the resistance go and elevate your life!

Take the first step: make the decision to start to move upward and forward.

To stay true to your nature, you must expand and express who you are, and be willing to be stretched out of your comfort zone.

The rewards

Soon you will be overcome with a feeling of liveliness, excitement and expectation that comes from the alignment with your natural state of being.

Connect with those feelings as much as possible and let them be a daily reminder of your decision.

Soon enough you’ll start noticing signs that point you in the direction that you are heading. When that happens, don’t overthink or analyse what you notice, instead, write in your journal any ideas that may surface, cut pictures that grab your attention, say affirmations or read quotes that remind you of your intentions, etc.

Most importantly, enjoy the ride that you have embarked!

If you need any assistance, I’ll be glad to help. Contact me to have a talk.