Spring is my favorite season, filled with bright colors and smells, gardens in bloom, butterflies, sunny days and wonderful weather. During this season the winter blues are replaced with an aliveness that envelopes everything and everyone, and prompts us to open the windows, spend more time outdoors, tend our gardens and spring clean our homes.

Although spring cleaning is usually targeted to our ‘stuff’, it can be applied in a more expanded way. For example: what about spring cleaning our energy, our schedule, old goals, habits, diet, or relationships?

We can easily recognize the existence of physical clutter; however, not many of us are aware of the mental, emotional and spiritual clutter that we carry around. This kind of clutter is as detrimental, if not more, to the quality of our lives as the clutter that we can see.

Simplify Your Inner World

A cluttered mind is dominated by negative self-talk and inner chatter, which focuses on worry, doubt, criticism, judgment, and complaints. It’s an unclear and overloaded mind.

A cluttered mind gets in the way of positive change and results in cluttered emotions. Feelings that aren’t conductive of love, joy and peace such as lack, fear, anger, unworthiness, stress, or disempowerment create emotional clutter.

A cluttered spirit shows up as feelings of disconnection from life and separation from the whole. It doesn’t allow you to feel and share love, it’s selfish and hopeless.

It doesn’t matter where you begin the decluttering process as long as you realise and accept that your life needs some simplification. All our lives do! since we all follow a modern lifestyle of too many wants, to dos and to bes.

Examine your life with an honest heart and determine what’s truly essential, and decide how you can make it simpler. The rewards that you’ll enjoy make the effort worthwhile.

The Benefits Of Leading A Simpler Life

When you simplify your life you create the space that enables you to walk more slowly, enjoy life more and observe more, because there is less to take care of, think about, and worry over, and there is less stuff to absorb your energy.

You invite light, renewed energy, balance and enhanced vibration into your life, and you start flowing swiftly and smoothly with the river of life.

Some other gratifying results of living a simpler life are: increased free space, appreciation for what you have and who you are, lightness of being, peace, clarity, sense of direction, and connection.

Ways To Simplify Your Life

There are many ways in which you can spring clean your mental, emotional and spiritual clutter. Let me share some of them with you:

  • Set new goals that resonate with your heart or invigorate existing ones
  • Surround yourself with pictures and things that reflect your dreams and desires
  • Review and revamp your beliefs and habits
  • Become more in tune with your needs and wants
  • Learn to say ‘no’
  • Discover more about yourself
  • Look for ways to feel more alive, more relaxed and balanced
  • Find meaning and direction in your life
  • Do something that enhances your wellbeing
  • Learn something new
  • Meet new people and engage in activities that interest you
  • Give quality time to those you love and let go of those who do not support, uplift or help you grow
  • Embrace a positive outlook
  • Practice relaxation and/or meditation regularly
  • Have a health check-up, eat healthier foods
  • Set an exercise routine and spend more time outdoors
  • Make more space in your schedule to do things that you enjoy
  • Appreciate the abundance and love that surrounds you

Let The Spring Clean Begin

Learning the importance of living a simpler life can be the difference between feeling confused, stressed, dissatisfied, disempowered and even ill to feeling happy, driven, healthy and fulfilled at all levels.

For that reason, find the time to look at the various aspects of your life to determine which one you would like to rejuvenate, revitalize, de-clutter, do over, and reconnect with. If you become aware of the need to do some spring cleaning in your life, decide to embark on it. Apply some of the suggestions presented above or find your own.

Simplifying our lives allows us to flow harmoniously with life because we are in a lighter state of being.

If you’d like to learn more about this topic, check Chapter 23 – Slow down and Simplify in Freedom of the Soul where I offer practical steps to get rid of the clutter in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual worlds so you can improve your wellbeing.

As always, if you need support and guidance to embark on this or any other life changes, I am here to help you. You can book a complimentary Discovery Session as the first step on the path to a happier and more empowered you.

Happy Spring Cleaning!