I am delighted to be presenting Soul Lessons, sharing spiritual teachings and practical tools to help you live a more conscious, inspired and empowered life.

Soul Lessons are for you if you’d like to enjoy more happiness, heightened vibration and inner growth, as well as more flow, peace and balance in your life.

My intention behind the classes is to offer you a space where week after week, you can switch off from the busyness of your life and the many demands and distractions of the outside world, and take time to immerse into your inner world, connect with your inner wisdom and learn heartfelt practices and life skills that will foster wellbeing and expand your heart, mind and soul.

About Soul Lessons

Each week we’ll explore a new mind-opening topic, and will guide you through simple exercises, meditations, and tools to help you understand and connect with the topic and learn how to easily apply it to your everyday life.

At the end of each lesson you will emerge more relaxed and balanced; inspired, uplifted and empowered. You will also have simple but powerful tools that you can apply immediately into your life if you so desire.

During Soul Lessons you will learn how to:

  • Tune into your inner guidance
  • Work with your vibration
  • Flow with life easily and effortlessly
  • Harness the power of your thoughts and words
  • Enjoy more abundance by practicing gratitude and appreciation
  • Live in purpose
  • Open your heart to loving yourself
  • Enjoy the gifts of presence
  • Use the power of forgiveness to heal
  • And more…

The material for Soul Lessons comes mainly from my book ‘Freedom of the Soul’. The book provides the roadmap and tools to a new way of being and living showing that re-connecting with your true self is the way to a happier life, healing, creativity, and transformation.

If you’d like to learn more about my book in order to gain a better understanding of what the lessons are about and download a free introductory chapter, please click here.

A journey of self-discovery

In summary, Soul Lessons will take you on a journey where you’ll learn to appreciate how magnificent, powerful, important, and unique you are. As a result you will begin to shift and transform from within and intentionally start experiencing life from a different perspective, a different point of power, with more awareness, and with a new attitude.

Let’s hear the experience from Emily, who attended one of my Lessons – The Art of Mindful Living:

“Liliana, your talk was amazing. It really inspired me! I felt that I was meant to be there today and listen what you had to say. It really resonated with my little soul. You are an amazing and inspirational lady. I am sure that I’m not the only one who thought this, and many of the others in the class would agree with me. Thank you. Em.”

Where, When and How?

Starting on 27th September, I will be running Soul Lessons at the Siddhi Space in Wangara, on two different time slots: Wednesdays at 6pm – 7pm and Thursdays at 11am – 12 pm.

To be able to attend the sessions you can either pay on an ‘as you go’ basis (20$) or join the center as an Emerald Member (27$/week). The great thing about becoming a member is that it’s not only the most cost effective option but also gives you unlimited access to my classes and all the classes that run weekly at the Space.

Live an Empowered and Soul-filled Life

If you’d like to experience a new connection with yourself and the world around you, then Soul Lessons are the perfect place to start. You will learn simple and practical tools to reconnect with your powerful self and learn how to live in a more conscious and empowered way.

To find out more about the sessions, the timetable of events at Siddhi Space, and the memberships or to answer any questions you may have, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to assist.