The Energetic Shift – Release Fears and Make Happiness your Default Setting


If you are experiencing any kind of negativity within yourself and in your life that is affecting you in mind, body and spirit and you need a reset, I invite you to JOIN me for this empowering and inspiring day.


When you close your eyes and look into your heart, do you picture yourself differently than who you show yourself to the world?

Do you see yourself as confident, alive, abundant, happy, and healthy? Or maybe worthy, secure, courageous, desired, and even entitled and commanding?

Do you desire to be that person… to live your life from that perspective? How would your life change if you embodied that person?

That person lives in you – it’s your true essence, your Higher Self. And those qualities you picture yourself embodying when you close your eyes are your inner truths. And you have access to them.

When you tune in to the heart-centred qualities that are uniquely yours and embrace them as the STANDARDS by which you live your life, you create an energetic SHIFT that allows you to express an unshakable SELF-BELIEF to create life from a place of inner alignment and power.

Is it your time to stop letting your old stories define you and shift your perspective to allow a new you to birth?

We all have challenges in our life.

Things aren’t turning out quite as we’ve desired. We feel lost, stuck, unsure, unworthy… or bored and unfulfilled.

You can search endlessly for external validation, help and support but the only place to really find what you need to overcome the lows in life, feel happy and fulfilled is within.

We all have a deep yearning to make happiness our default setting in place of fear, self-doubt and lack.

Let me show you how to make that shift.

I’ve learned from my own experience that the way to navigate life challenges, grow through them and still feel at peace, trusting, self-loving, kind, joyful and grateful is by nurturing a relationship with our Higher Self.

If you are ready to make an energetic shift to:

CLEAR all that energy that is weighing you down

MOVE from ‘life is happening to me’ to ‘I am happening to life’

START living from a place of authenticity to create a life that pleases you

MAKE choices from a place of empowerment where happiness is your default setting.

I wholeheartedly invite you to this enlightening and empowering workshop where you’ll learn why holding onto negative emotions doesn’t serve you and the positive impact of living in the high frequency of your Higher Self.

When you make the alignment to your higher self qualities your priority, you’ll feel self-confident, self-loving, self-assured, self-deserving, self-worthy, self-motivated, self-directed, self-nourished.

What life would you create from that place of self? Give yourself the freedom to find out.

“Thank you again for this fantastic workshop…it was genuinely life-changing & I look forward to attending more!” – Melanie

“Thank you Liliana for the amazing day. I feel truly aligned in a way that I haven’t felt before. I am so thankful and grateful that I found this workshop and you!” – Amy


1- Be immersed in high-level vibration through mind-opening teachings and two new meditations created for this event – the Energy Ascension and the Tapping into your Higher Self Virtues meditations

2- Do journaling exercises and group discussion

3- Be introduced to the 7 pillars framework for personal transformation

4- Lean an empowering daily practice to tune into the heart of your true self

5- Most importantly, relax in a safe space that invites self-healing, growth, and feeling good.


BONUSES – with your ticket you will also receive:

Workbook to complete during the workshop

Bonus chapter from my book Freedom of the Soul: ‘Soul Partnership’ to help you understand the importance of nurturing a relationship with your Higher Self.



Date: Sunday, October 30, 2022

Time: 10.00 am to 4.30pm – Registration 9.45 am

Where: The Orange Palette, 1A/31 Berriman Drive, WANGARA

Investment: See various ticket prices. All tickets include participation + Bonuses.

Book: Click here to order now or if you’d like to pay via bank transfer please contact me


Standard Ticket: $111 – includes the Bonuses: Workbook + Gift Book Chapter

Silver Ticket: $141 – Standard Ticket + Signed copy of my book Freedom of the Soul + Bonuses

Bring a Friend Ticket: $155 – includes 2 standard tickets


Bring: Lunch (there will be a 30-minute lunch break) – water bottle – a pad and pen for notes and journaling – yoga mat, pillows/cushions if you’d like to sit on the floor, a blanket or wrap if desired. Wear: comfortable clothes.


It is normal to have to leave your comfort zone to give birth to new experiences. It is normal to need to do things differently, change habits, be open to new skills, and get out of our own way.

Stagnation at any level calls for more stagnation. Movement in any way calls for more movement.

Which one do you choose?

If you are ready to move and shift, clean your vibration, become clear about who you want to be and set your intentions to where you want your life to go, then this workshop is for you.

Why shift your frequency and energetic state of being?

Life experiences, traumas, interaction with others, global fears, and worldwide current events can keep us in a constant state of LOW vibration.

This state is not only a place where we experience fear, worry and constant stress BUT it also makes it very HARD or nearly IMPOSSIBLE to experience ABUNDANCE, e.g.: joy, prosperity, love, wellbeing, peace, etc.

Most people spend their lives in lower energies going back and forth with little to no progress. Only when you understand that you cannot have what you desire from a place of struggle, lack and unhappiness you will decide to leave the resistance of low-level states of being to switch to high vibrations where flow and ease reside, where your Higher Self resides.

When we embrace, with openness, trust and love what is inside of us, we allow rising to higher frequencies. As we embrace, integrate and live through them, we feel whole, happy, well…


Are you ready to make the energetic shift to a more empowered way of living? I hope you do!


Join me in the Energetic Shift workshop. I can’t wait to gather with you to shift energetically and ignite transformation!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Places are limited. Book your place now to avoid missing out.

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Have a wonderful day!