Unlock the Power to Manifest your Desires – A Vision Boarding Experience

Whatever you dream, if you believe, you can create it.

You are constantly reminded that what you truly desire is not present in your life. Your thoughts are influenced by your reality, your focus is scattered, the evidence of the lack of what you want mounts and so, your power to manifest your desires is misused to create more of what you already have and less of what you really want.

If that’s been you up to now, I want you to kick off this new decade by becoming intentional on how to use your power to manifest in a fun and joyful way.

A Vision Board is not just a collage of pictures about your dreams. It’s much more than that. It’s a simple yet powerful tool you can use to start creating the life you desire by tapping into your inner powers. And you can have fun while you’re doing it!

Celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncè and Ellen Degeneres have publicly shared how they have intentionally created amazing outcomes in their lives by using Vision Boards.

Time and time again, I’ve experienced myself and seen in others the profound and magical effect that creating and using a vision board can have in your life.

I have manifested so many of the things that I put in my vision boards over the years: my wonderful convertible, amazing holidays, free holidays, my published book, transitioning into a more meaningful and fulfilling career, money, meeting influential people, etc. You can have whatever you want too.

In this fun and feel-good workshop, I will teach you what I’ve tried and tested to build magical vision boards for over 15 years now.

You will:

  • Learn about the power of visualisation
  • Immerse in a vision boarding experience where you will learn how to prepare yourself before you even look at any picture
  • Get clear and intentional about what you really want to align with.
  • Go below the surface of the usual material stuff to uncover your true desires and your vision for the future
  • Create your magnificent and magical vision board
  • Connect with the story that your vision board tells
  • Learn to use your vision board in a way that uplifts you and keeps you inspired and motivated all year round!

As I said, this is not just a vision board workshop. This is a vision board experience.

You will leave in a state of high vibes and feeling inspired, confident and excited about the life you are creating. This sense of fulfilment generates ripple effects that will stretch far beyond the workshop.


Event Details

Date: Sunday February 2nd, 2020

Time: 1pm to 5pm. Registration 12:45pm.

Where: The Orange Palette, 31 Berriman Drive, WANGARA

How: buy your ticket now or if you’d like to pay via bank transfer please contact me

Ticket: $80 – Includes the material to create your vision board + a special gift: bonus chapter of Freedom of the Soul: ‘The Power of Visualization: The Seeing’

What’s provided?

  • All the tools and equipment to create your vision board
  • Guided visualisations and journaling prompts to prepare and align with what you want
  • Refreshments

What to bring?

  • A pad and a pen for notes and journaling
  • Your own scissors
  • Magazines, images and quotes or anything that inspires and resonates with you (if you have)
  • Pictures of yourself and your loved ones if you want

If you want to:

  • Get clear, intentional and focused on your dreams
  • Be motivated and inspired
  • Increase your chances for success
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Feel more positive and happy
  • Unleash your inner potential
  • Bring magic into your everyday life

Then, join us to create a Vision Board of an awe-inspiring future for yourself in 2020 and beyond.


This is an amazing and transformative workshop that you’ll love.

Spaces are limited to 10 participants so make sure to grab your ticket before you miss out xx

I know the power of using vision boards and I want to share it with you!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Note: signed copies of Freedom of the Soul will be available to purchase on the day.

If you have any questions, please contact me on liliana@lilianavanasco.com.

A confirmation email will be sent out closer to the event date. Please add liliana@lilianavanasco.com to your address book so you don’t miss my e-mails.