The 3 key points that will change the way you relate to your vibrations

I am still buzzing with high vibes from last week’s Raise your Vibration workshop. What an amazing day!

During the workshop, I presented some key points that I’d like to share with you today.

Do you know that you operate from two vibrational points?

Do you know that you can choose the part of yourself you most frequently operate from?

Do you know that this awareness can completely change your experiencing of life?

We are all beings of energy that give off and respond to vibration and operate from two vibrational points: a low-level and a high-level vibration.

When you are in a state of high-level vibration, you feel good. When you are in a low-level vibration you feel the opposite. Besides, when you are in a low-vibe you cannot be in a high-vibe and vice-versa.

Now that we are on common ground, let me tell you about the 3 key points that will change the way you relate to your vibrations.


Key point #1: Most people don’t realise that they possess the power to control and change the state of their vibrations by taking care of the way they feel.

Anything you experience through your feelings has an impact on your vibrational energy. Therefore, you harness the power to control your vibrations when you choose to be more aware of the way you feel.

When you’ve been in the domains of low-level vibration for a while, you get used to that state of being and you accept it as normal. You believe that this is the way life is and that you are powerless to change how you feel –which is not true. You can always choose to feel better, even if it’s just a little bit.

When you choose to feel good, you align yourself with positive and powerful vibrations. Being in a high-vibe doesn’t mean that you are happy and smiling all day. It means that sometimes you choose to be happy and smiley, however, when you cannot do that, instead of feeling low, worried, or stuck you choose to feel ok. You choose acceptance, trust, hope, and flow –all of which keep you in a high vibration zone.

Choosing how you feel = being empowered (high vibration)

Allowing outside influences to determine the way you feel = being disempowered (low vibration)


Key point #2: Being in a high vibration benefits you and the quality of your life. By infusing yourself with powerful energy, you become a magnet for what you desire as well as an instrument of love and appreciation.

The more you practise being in a state of high vibration, the more harmonious you are within yourself and with all that surrounds you. This puts you in a state of wellness, openness, and acceptance that enables you to reach people, things, events, and circumstances in line with your desires. Most importantly, it enables you to connect with your nonphysical higher consciousness – your natural state of being.

When you go through life in a state of high vibration, you experience a constant sense of lightness and freedom that come from flowing with life moment to moment.


Key point #3: When you radiate high vibration, you positively influence the life of others, the whole planet and consciousness itself. That’s where your power resides.

The material benefits that you can achieve by expanding your vibration to high levels are just the icing on the cake. The most important benefit is how your vibration affects your surroundings and everything in it.

Your personal energy is an extremely powerful field that surrounds you all the time. Studies have shown that one person operating at a vibrational level of LOVE can lift 750,000 other people operating at a low-vibrational level. It’s like sending a vibrational hug to all those who need it no matter where they are. How amazing is that!

We all want to make a difference in the world –it feels good– and we do it in various ways mostly through action. This is all good and important, however, if you really want to make a difference in the world, choose to raise your vibrations on a daily basis.

Your vibrations are your point of power and your point of influence. Use them to uplift yourself and others!

Are you ready to embrace this power?

You have the power to change your experiencing of life simply by choosing your vibrational state.

Remind yourself every moment that you get to choose what you think, what you speak, what feels in your heart and the energy that you radiate. Raise your vibrations by embedding your sensations with images, sounds, people and activities that nourish your body, warm your heart and inspire your soul.

A good place to start is by releasing any form of judgement, blame, complaining, pain, etc. When you do that, the energetic weight that you’ve been carrying around begins to diminish to eventually disappear, giving you the sensation of lightness.

When you choose to practice forgiveness, gratitude, kindness, non-judgement, and love; when you choose to stop with the criticism, the gossip, the blame, the victimhood, you are choosing to free yourself from being bound to low-level energy.

If you want to feel peace, love, abundance, health, and joy, intentionally choose to fill your heart with feelings of peace, love, abundance, health, and joy, knowing that this choice will not only enhance your life but will ripple out in myriad ways, enhancing and uplifting the world and everyone in it.

You can always choose love, you can always choose light.

We don’t know the full picture, that’s when surrendering comes in…

There will be times when no matter how positive you are or want to be, crappy stuff happens in your life. During this time, don’t tell yourself that you are doing things wrong, that “all this vibration stuff” doesn’t work, and choose victimhood.

There will be times when you will have to surrender to life on life’s terms, to admit that you cannot possibly see the big picture of your life, to accept that you have baggage to release so you can welcome more love and blessings in your life, to flow through your downtimes the best that you can, knowing that if you hang in there you’ll see and experience miracles as long as you remain hopeful and trusting.

The more you choose to stay in high vibration, the more you allow yourself to embrace a better quality of life. And by being in a high-level vibration, you align with your natural state, not only helping yourself but affecting others too with your renewed state of being.


If you are transiting through one of those downtimes, and you feel you are ready to let go of vibrational weight but need guidance and support to do that, I’d love to help you. Book a complimentary discovery session with me, so we can have a talk about you and your life at present, and discuss how I can best support you to start raising your vibrations.