Am I living my best life?

‘Am I living my best life?’ is not a buzz phrase. It is a powerful question that has the potential to transform your life if you take the time to answer it from a place of truth.

The answer to this question is as unique as you are, and you are the only one that gets to define what your best life looks like. Your idea of the best life is probably different to my idea of the best life!

We all have dreams and desires that are usually a far cry from our present lives –money, luxurious travels, big homes, wonderful relationships, freedom, health, or any other big dream. They feel so out of our reach that we entertain them as just “dreams”. Hence, we don’t give them our attention, our focus, our energy, and therefore our lives don’t become what they potentially could.

When you decide to contemplate the idea of living your best life and understand what it means to live your best life, you open the doors to a potential that is waiting to happen.

Living your best life is NOT about having all you desire NOW.

Your best life is the next best version of the life you are living.

Your best life HAPPENS as you take the steps –the versions you go through– on your way to experiencing your big dreams.

The power of you questioning Am I living my best life? resides in that it brings your awareness to whether you are tuning to the frequencies of your highest good or not.

What I will do to live my best life

Being a coach, I do inner and empowering work regularly, and one of the questions I ask myself often is, Am I having the best life I can have right now?

The key element here is the words right now. I don’t worry or overthink about my big dreams that I know are coming and don’t know how or when. Instead, I use the question to focus on what I can do now, today, this week to steer my life to that next best place so I can stay on track and, in the process, feel good.  

We know how easy it is to get lost in the demands and routine of everyday life and forget about what we desire. Most importantly, we easily forget that we want to feel good.  We believe that given our circumstances we cannot choose how we’d like our lives to be. But, we can choose.

It takes will and practice to see and go through adverse circumstances or challenges in our lives and believe that we can have something better, but you can do it. All it takes is desire, intention and wanting to feel good.

You are always in a state of asking to reshape your life towards better experiences.  It’s in your true nature to ask for more. And whether you speak them out loud or silently think about them, the Universe knows about your big dreams.

As you ask for more, then, there is always something on the way for you that hasn’t manifested yet – it’s on the way.

There are always things, circumstances, opportunities, and people on the way to assist you in creating your best life.

Everything in this physical world is an instrument to help you experience what you focus on.Your work is to learn to tune to and align with what can help you get what you desire.

Pay attention to your emotions

How do you know whether you are aligned or not? By the way you feel (yes, it’s always about our emotions!).

When you feel good –excited, alive, well, hopeful, trusting, etc.– it means you are on track; it means that you are tuning to your highest good.

On the other hand, any negative emotion you experience, such as frustration, impatience, disappointment, unworthiness, etc., tells you that you are going off track and need to correct course.  For example, your negative emotions may be showing you to focus more intentionally on what you want, to contemplate a different perspective to the one you hold, to be more trusting and open, or just to relax and have more fun!

Your negative emotions highlight where to ‘iron the creases’ in your present circumstances to allow more flow, more synchronicities, more ease so you can align with what’s on the way for you to move along the path to living your best life.

Go about life the easy way

Every day the Universe is showing you ways to move to your next best experience of life. Everything is helping you to wake up, to notice, and see the unwanted as an opportunity to focus on the wanted.  

The great news is that your best life is always in creation. It’s a work in progress. It’s also a discovery. And you never get it done.

The Universe knows what your next best version of the life you want to live looks like, and it’s guiding you there in ways that you cannot even begin to figure out.

You don’t need to know how you are going to get to live your best life. Doing that is going about it the hard way.

There is an easier, funnier and more creative way to live life. It’s about being clear about how you want to feel and what you desire and being relaxed about it.

What does it mean? 

It means that you accept you can have what want, you acknowledge there is a process for you to get there, and you are going to go along with that process regardless of how it presents itself or how long it takes. In the meantime, you appreciate the life you are living and all that life gives you, and you are happy and proud of how far you’ve come.

Sometimes, it may feel that things aren’t happening or that the events in your life are taking you in a different direction, but trust the Universe. If you are clear about where you are going, then know for sure that you are moving towards that place. The adventure is not knowing how you’ll get there!

There is a by-product of living your best life: healing happens, you feel empowered, your relationships improve, you feel good, you don’t worry about what you cannot change or control, you focus on your life and let others live theirs, you become a more skilled manifestor, you navigate through the ups and downs of life more harmoniously to name a few. Isn’t this something to strive for? 


Empowering work – Get your journal out and ponder… 

This year is coming to an end, so it is a perfect time to check in with you and reflect on the life you are moving towards. Here are some powerful questions to ask yourself:

  • What are the big dreams my heart desires?
  • On my way to having those big dreams, how do I describe the next best version of my life from where I am now?
  • How do I feel when I am having my best life?

We’re always creating with our words, actions, thoughts and emotions, so

  • Am I having the best life that I can have right now?
  • What am I creating/choosing/being today that is laying the path into my best life yet?
  • Do I experience regular negative emotions? What are they? What are they telling/showing me?

This is powerful inner work.

As I said, we rarely stop to evaluate whether we are moving towards our desires or away from them, how we feel, or what our emotions tell us.

Don’t dismiss this opportunity for self-reflection. Your best life is waiting for you; it’s calling you!

Are you ready?

If you are ready to expand your awareness about yourself and the life you are creating, and feel you need support and guidance to do so. If it’s time to grow, shift and start the new year in a new way, then I invite you to look into my empowerment programs, or better yet, book a complimentary consultation with me.

I’d be delighted to help you become clear and aligned with the vision of your best life!

All the best!