Because it is natural to be connected to your source; not being connected is an unnatural state.

You were gifted with an inner voice and you have the ability to connect with it and listen to its guidance.

You don’t have to be a ‘special’ person in order to access that inner voice; all you need is to nurture your ability to connect inward.

I know firsthand the importance of looking within and connecting with that voice. Following its guidance opened the doors to a new world, a new side of me that I didn’t know existed. How wonderful is that?

If you desire to live a life filled with purpose, fulfilment, and joy you only need to look within; because within is where the real YOU resides, where you can find the peace, harmony, love, and balance you desire as well as the answers to all your questions.

Do You Relate to This?

A couple of weeks ago I presented ‘How to connect with your inner voice’ as a topic for one of my Soul Lessons.

All participants felt uplifted and were happy to learn about their intuition and how to access that inner knowing.

Almost every one indicated that they often disregard the whispering voice inside of them for various reasons: fear that it is wrong, their logical mind tells them to ignore it, they believe they cannot hear their inner voice, or the most common one: there is too much outside noise that overpowers the voice of their intuition.

They also said that in hindsight they realised that if they had listened and trusted that ‘gut feeling’, or that ‘first thought that popped up into my mind’, they’d have saved themselves a lot of suffering, time, money, and worry. The road would have been easier.

What reasons do you tell yourself for not hearing and trusting your inner voice?

What is My Inner Voice?

We usually look outside for most of our needs and wants, and rely on external opinions and directions instead of listening to our heart’s desires. And with the many demands, distractions, and stimuli drawing our attention to the external world, we may give little or no attention to our inner world.

Yet, your inner voice is always whispering to you, waiting for you to notice, to connect and trust its guidance.

This voice that I call by different names: inner voice, inner guidance, inner self, inner light, inner knowing (and you can call it whatever it feels right for you), it is not always a voice you hear. Sometimes it is a feeling, or a body sensation, a hunch, an image in your mind, words or symbols.

For some, being able to listen to their inner voice comes naturally, however, for most of us (me included) it is something that needs to be learned and nurtured by giving it time, attention and trust.

I couldn’t be here today, writing these words to you, hadn’t I listened and trusted my inner voice. It took me a while to get to know it: the way it feels and sounds and the way it communicates with me; but it’s been a wonderful experience. These days, I always pay attention to my inner guidance and I don’t hesitate to ask as many questions and signs I need to be fully clear about its message.

Do you know what your inner guidance is telling you? Are you paying attention?

Why You Should Pay Attention

To hear the subtle whispers from your inner being you need to get quiet, shut off all the outside noise, including the noise in your head, and look within.

How often do you do that?

The guidance your inner voice imparts is important! It is related to your life’s journey, to your purposeful way of living, and to your overall wellbeing.

Nurturing a connection with your inner voice makes a huge difference in the way you experience life, because it aligns you with your essence, with your purpose, and with your Source.

How can You Tell When it is Your Inner Voice Speaking to You?

The wise voice inside is understanding, loving, caring. It makes your heart sing.

It talks to you with total clarity. It’s never mean or harsh.

It feels like a quiet knowing, a warm guiding sensation.

Your inner voice sounds something like this:

‘This is a great idea, go for it!’

‘This doesn’t feel right’

‘Pay attention, this matters’

‘This is your fears talking, this is not real’

‘You are worth of bigger and better’

‘You deserve the life you desire’

‘You are stronger and more powerful than you think’

‘You matter’

‘Shine your light to the world! You make a difference by being here’

‘You don’t want that. You want this’

Learning to Recognize Your Inner Voice

As anything new in your experience, learning to recognize your inner voice requires practice, focus, and intention.

Your inner voice is constantly guiding you through your everyday life. However, this communication usually goes one way: your guidance speaks to you but it’s not heard, or you ask for guidance but cannot hear the answers because they are masked by doubt or fear.

As you strengthen your relationship with your inner voice, communication will become more harmonious and turn into a two-way conversation; you will ask and be able to hear the answers.

You’ll know you are listening to your inner voice when you feel whole, happy, and purposeful, aligned, calm, empowered, and harmonious.

You’ll notice shifts taking place in your life, and people, experiences and things are drawn to you effortlessly.

When you are disconnected from your inner voice you feel stuck, unfulfilled, unhappy, and worried. By looking inwards for your light, you will hear the voice of your soul and you become the creator of your life by following its guidance.

Opening to The Connection

Listening to your inner voice requires practice. It won’t happen overnight. And that should be ok; you are not doing it with a time frame in mind, you are doing it as a way to learn and discover more about yourself.

Meditation is the best way to listen to your inner voice. It is where you find stillness and can commune with your true self.

You need to come to the practice in a receptive and open state, in order to reduce any interference in the communication. A few ways to achieve a more open state are:

  • Entering a deep relaxation at the beginning of your meditation
  • Releasing any expectations regarding the process and the guidance
  • Clearing your mind of thoughts of doubt and fear
  • Trusting that you can connect with your inner guidance

At the beginning you may feel that nothing is happening, however, continue to strengthen the practice, because you are opening your channels of communication and tuning into the frequency of your inner voice. And remember that when you ask for guidance, your request is always honoured.

The Process of Cultivating Your Inner Voice

The process is simple and requires very little of you.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position and bring yourself into a relaxed state of mind
  2. Set your intention to be at peace and in a state of total allowance, without expectations about what must happen and how.
  3. You may ask a question or just be open to receive guidance.
  4. Know that there is no right or wrong way of doing this. Whatever unfolds while you are in this state of communion between you and you will be amazing and beautiful, no matter what happens.
  5. Stay in this state for as long as you desire.
  6. When finished, give yourself a few minutes to absorb the experience.
  7. If you feel inspired write down some notes in your journal about the messages you received or what you experienced.

You can follow this simple process to help you get started or you can use any other meditation that works for you.

In my book – Chapter 12 I share a beautiful meditation called “Connect with Your Inner Light and Inner Guidance” or you can try my 5-Minute Meditation to Cultivate Present-Moment Awarenessto start building the path.

Be Open to Receiving Guidance

Do not worry if you can’t hear anything at the beginning. Trust your feeling that you have made a connection, and go to each meditation knowing that that is so. Remember that worry, expectation, and impatience act as barriers to your intention to raise your vibrations and make connection.

Keep in mind that answers don’t necessarily come during meditation; they may also appear during your daily activities, in your dreams or as physical sensations. Make sure you practice mindfulness so you don’t miss any signs. The more you let go of what you think should happen, the more present and open you will be for your inner voice to shine through.

Remind yourself that connecting to your inner voice is part of your journey of growth that moves you in the direction of your happiness.

Make time to look within to connect with your true self. You have the answers you are seeking. When you choose to establish a relationship with yourself, you’ll feel different, you’ll feel aligned and your life will be affected in amazing ways.

So what is your inner voice telling you?

My advice is to listen, listen and listen.