7 Practices to Help You Get Off the Emotional Roller-coaster

We are so powerful and resilient that we CAN handle many aspects of us and our lives at once even when they want to pull us in different directions. We can be sad/scared/insecure/hurting… and we can still remain hopeful and focused on where we want to be and want for ourselves.

You may look at your future and you may feel disheartened, lost, overwhelmed, disconnected, insecure, and unclear; you may not even know what you really want.

As always, there is a choice. Your choice.

You can sit and feel sorry and sad; you can complain, add to the confusion and repeat the process. This is ok to do for a while; however, staying in that loop will not get you anywhere nor make you feel any better. It will only make you feel stuck and miserable.

So, what’s the other option? What can you do to get off this unhealthy state of being?

You can embrace any –or all– of these 7 practices:

1 – Self-awareness

This is always my number one step for everything. It is important to recognise and acknowledge your feelings. They are telling you something; hiding them doesn’t serve you at all. When you can name how you really feel –not what you show others– you begin the healing process. Every time you bring awareness to something, you shed light on it, and it is then that you can do something about it. You start feeling better almost immediately. I notice this effect on my clients over and over again; when they finally allow themselves to acknowledge their real feelings, immediate relief comes over them.

2- Journaling

Writing is a powerful tool that allows you to dump all your thoughts and feelings onto paper. What do you write about? About anything that is bottled-up inside of you. Whatever you write doesn’t have to be structured nor censored either. You don’t need to be polite or nice. Your journal offers you a place where you can be free to be, say and feel your true self.

3- Meditation

The best way to bring balance to your mental/emotional wellbeing, shift a negative outlook, and restore peace, harmony and ease into your life is to embrace the practice of meditation. Meditation has so many benefits that it should be your number one daily practice. You don’t need long sessions; just 10 minutes a day will do wonders to your mind, body and soul. The intention is to reduce the noise in your head and allow yourself to “just be”. In time, as you strengthen your practice, you will discover an enhanced state of being.

4- Shifting your energy

Negative feelings feel heavy and make us feel low, so a great way to shake them is by engaging in movement of some sort. Movement shifts your energy! Going for walks, dancing, doing some yoga or stretching or any similar activity that you enjoy will uplift you and help you to shift your vibes!

5- Doing something that makes you happy

We all want to be happy; after all, happiness is our purpose in life. An important thing to know is that we are and can be our own source of happiness. Even though life might be difficult around you, there is always something you can do to make you feel happy or better.  For example: taking a bath with scented oils and candles, buying some flowers or cutting some from your garden, spending hours reading a book, cooking something special, watching a movie, spending time with someone who uplifts you, expressing gratitude, etc.

6- Using a positive mantra

Know that whatever is happening in your life right now, it’s temporary. Life always flows forward and wants to take you somewhere better. You can work with life by using a mantra that reflects where you want to go and saying it over and over every day. Choose a mantra that a) feels good when you say it and b) you believe in. Some of the mantras I have been using lately are: “life is always working out for me”, “this is only temporary”, and “I am always supported and guided”. They make me feel good and help me stay aligned with my inner joy!

The way you feel will change…

These practices will not solve your problems right now, but they will put you in a better emotional and mental state of being where you’ll feel calmer and more optimistic. Slowly and effortlessly, these practices will help you to come out of this unpleasant roller-coaster and you’ll be able to contemplate –with more ease and trust– a path forward.

It doesn’t matter what life looks like at present; you can steer it towards where you want it to go.

Even if you don’t have much to look forward to, don’t give up on your desires and dreams. On the contrary, make them clearer and more alive because the picture you paint in your mind of the life you want to create, influences the way you feel today –right now– and in turn, those feelings affect your actions and choices.

So, if you see problems, pain, fear, overwhelm, fatigue, lack or nothing exciting in your future, that’s how you are going to feel right now, and those feelings are affecting you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually right now. If you stay in this place, this is the raw material you are using to create your future.

My intention is always to move you to powerfully create your life; therefore, here is a bonus step if you’d like to take things a little bit further.

Bonus practice: 7- Always dream

Think of what you want for next year and write it on a piece of paper with as much detail and feeling words as you can. Something that inspires you, calls you, moves you and makes you look forward to that future. Use this desire as your daily mantra. Infuse yourself with the feelings of that desire. Use your imagination, it is a gift we all have.

Despite how you may feel at present, you have choices and ways to turn those negative feelings around and therefore your outlook.

Self-acceptance and self-awareness are key. Acknowledge where you are but know that there are a few simple things you can do to pick yourself up every day.  Life is always trying to bring you back into alignment with your natural state of being that is feeling good and happy, but you need to do your share too.

Lots of love to you.

Please share these simple steps with others who would benefit. There are lots of people right now in need of some relief and inner peace.

As always, if you need a helping hand, please contact me. Don’t stay stuck in emotions that don’t serve you at all. Let me help you to move up and forward.