“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” ~ Wayne Dyer

There is a principle in physics –Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle– that teaches that when you change the way you look at something, the thing you look at changes in response.

This is true of subatomic particles as it is of you, your life and your desires. We don’t need to understand it to reap the benefits, and that’s great news!

How does this apply to you?

When you decide to look at something or someone from a different perspective, things that you couldn’t see before now come into view. Changing your perspective opens you up to what’s possible outside your current circumstances.

When you consciously choose to change your perspective, you are choosing to see yourself differently —as a more empowered being. And as you shift the view of yourself, your life, others, and the outside world will change in response.

I am a witness to this phenomenon not only in my own experience but in my clients’ experiences too.

If you have been experiencing unwanted situations in your life for a while, things that you don’t like, don’t work, don’t make you happy, etc.; it’s because you’ve been looking at them from the same perspective; therefore, perpetuating those unwanted conditions.

If you constantly describe your life as difficult, unhappy, dull, an uphill battle, unfulfilling, meaningless, lacking, painful, etc. How do you expect to experience something different? That’s what you are seeing; that’s your statement, your claim.

Until… Until you decide to change what you see and what you state about you and your life.

 ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ ~ Albert Einstein

Belief is powerful

The more you describe something or someone as being a specific way, the more you reinforce that idea/belief in you.

When you build your belief, you then expect things to happen the way you believe they are!

You CAN change those beliefs and look at your life situations from a different perspective. When you do that, you open up to new possibilities of experiencing those situations.

You can choose to feel helpless in the face of your life circumstances or you can choose to feel empowered to experience something different.

Becoming aware of the possibility of choice brings you into power because it puts you in control. You CAN choose how you interpret, perceive and react to situations and people.

When you change the way you look at things… that’s when you begin your journey of transformation.

Each of us has the ability to reclaim the power to transform our lives. You are no exception.


Imagine changing the way you look at yourself and your life.

Imagine seeing yourself as someone who can change, who can succeed, who can experience feeling inspired, loved, at peace, trusting, open, joyful, abundant… every day.

How would your life be different? 

How would you be different? 

Big questions, right?

This may feel impossible or hard to accomplish, but you don’t need to know how things will happen right now.

All you need is to be kind to you for where you are now, be willing to leave the old behind and change your inner programmes, and just take the first step.

Discovering you in this new light is part of your personal growth journey. It takes courage, intention and patience, but the rewards are amazing.

Are you ready to change the way you look at life?

If you decided that you are ready to look at your life from a different place, answer questions you haven’t asked before, and find your courage and power, then take a step in that direction. 

Your fears will try to stop you.

Your beliefs will try to keep you where you are.

Your mind chatter will give you reasons why you cannot do it now –lack of money, time, permission, trust, belief…

But know that nothing will change if you remain the same.

You can do this!

This is where I can help you as your mentor and guide. 

As a personal mentor, my mission and desire are for you to take ownership of your life and create what you envision in your heart –the vision you were born with.

The exercises, activities and tools that are part of my empowerment programs help you change how you look at yourself and your life and are the catalyst for you to become the person that can enjoy the life you desire.

This work will change your inner fabric and you will be a new person at the end of the journey. 

Are you feeling the excitement within? That’s your alignment speaking to you; alignment with who you are and what you deserve.

Probably, you are also feeling the fear, the resistance to the idea of something different. That’s you questioning your beliefs. Don’t give in to the fears. Trust that you CAN experience what you want.

If you’d like to learn more about my coaching and programs, read about it here.

And if you’d like to have a personal conversation about where you are now and how working together can help you get where you’d like to go, I invite you to book a complimentary session to get started.

I am looking forward to taking this journey with you if that’s your next step.