We can all live lives with meaning and intention. We can all live every day in alignment with our best-self.

Living this way requires engagement on your part. It requires you to be engaged in your own life, more specifically, in the quality of your own life!

Clarity is one of those states of being that enhances and adds quality to our lives.

In my last blog post ‘Where do you want to go?’ I talked about the reasons most people are unclear about where they want to go and how that lack of clarity creates most of the misery and unhappiness is their lives.

Today, I invite you to decide that it’s time to start walking in the direction of feeling good, happy and fulfilled by getting clear.

Are you clear about where you are going?

Are you clear on where your happiness is depleted in your life?

Are you clear on why you keep on being stuck on the sameness of beliefs and habits that don’t bring you the joy and fulfilment you desire?

Are you clear on what you want out of this week, this month, this year, the rest of your life?


When you gain the awareness that clarity brings, you can take the actions that will put you on the direction of happiness, meaning, intention and wellbeing.


It’s time to get clear!

First, you need to gain a better understanding of where you are right now in the major areas of your life.

Get your journal and pen and write headings for the main areas of your life. Assess how each area is working for you at present. How happy/fulfilled/abundant/successful/excited/etc. are you with each area? Write this assessment from your heart, even if it hurts a little because some unpleasant stuff comes up. Remember that you are not blaming or judging, you are getting clear.

Second, write about how you’d like each area to be (where are you going in each area?).

Once again, write in alignment with your heart’s desires. Don’t think about what it is or isn’t possible; just paint the picture of what you desire. A beautiful surprise: you may discover that some areas of your life are already as you desire them to be. The negative feelings that lack of clarity creates usually cloud our ability to acknowledge and appreciate all the goodness that is already present in our lives.

That’s it! Pat yourself on the back, do a happy dance, celebrate that now you have a clear picture of your desires and you know where you are going.

The momentum and focus that you gain from doing these two steps is huge, because your clarity raises your awareness and aligns you with your desires!


Clarity creates shifts

When you accept where you are and get clear about where you want to go, you’ll honestly experience a shift in you that will astound you.

You will transform all the unhappy feelings of not being clear into self-love.  In turn, you’ll feel happier, free, driven, more focused and more able to take action on your dreams.

You can stay in this state of joy, savouring for a while your new found clarity, but soon enough you will have to move to the next step: identify what needs your attention, what changes may be required to get you moving towards the direction you want to go.  This can be daunting or scary to face but don’t let it stop you from moving forward.

I can help you with all of this. You don’t have to do it alone!


When I see women – and men too – settling for their current life situations when all along they wish for something else, I know it’s everything to do with healing, self-care, forgiveness and asking for help.


Please don’t settle for what is now in your life if you desire for more.
Do what it’s needed to start walking in the direction of feeling good, happy and fulfilled.

And even if you feel that everything in your life is fine, decide to take a closer look, and see what else is there to uncover and to find out what more life wants to offer you.

Get some energy healing, see a doctor, do a course, talk to someone, book a session with me, etc. You know the kind of assistance, guidance, and support you need. Whatever you decide to do, invest in you and give yourself the gift of happiness and self-love.

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And again, if you are not sure how to, I invite you to book a complimentary discovery session with me.

Let’s have a talk about you and your life at present, and discuss how I can best support you to start heading in the direction of a life you love and enjoy.

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