Where do you want to go?

Imagine this situation. You get into a taxi, and the driver asks you, “where do you want to go?” and you answer, “don’t take me to the city”.

It sounds crazy or senseless, right? But that’s the way most of us navigate our everyday life; perfectly knowing where we don’t want to be or go, easily describing what we don’t want or like, BUT not having a clue or a clear idea of where we want to go.

I am a witness to this, each and every time I speak with a new client. They have no shortage of words to talk about their issues, what is not working, what is wrong in their lives, and so on.  However, when I ask them to explain what they want, they become quiet, they shift in the chair and find it hard to express clearly and simply the very reason they came to see me in the first place.

Knowing what you don’t want doesn’t mean that you are clear about what you do want.

If this is the case, how are you meant to get to that place that makes you feel good, happy and fulfilled?

As yogi Berra said: ‘‘If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else”. And that’s exactly what will happen. You’ll live a life that won’t be all that you could have and experience.

Start heading in the right direction

Getting clear about what you want and desire is the first step to start heading in the right direction.

Although it seems common sense, most of the misery and unhappiness in our lives is caused by the lack of clarity around our desires, worthiness, deceivability and our potential.

So if clarity is that important, why don’t we take the time to get crystal clear about what we want?
I could give you many reasons, but I’ll share two important ones:

a) It is confronting to face the fact that you are off track; to look, accept, and own your present circumstances (and that most likely you are the one responsible for it)

b) There is a strong and natural discomfort that arises when you start to think about what needs to be done in order to live your desired life, like …
… changing your beliefs
… embracing new habits
… speaking up and risking rejection
… learning new things
… starting over or anew
… honouring yourself


If you can’t look at your reality (which by the way is temporary) and you can’t stand the discomfort of change, you’ll never see your dreams and desires come into your life.
You’ll stay where you are, within the confines of your comfort zone, and find ways to say “it’s okay for now” when your desires call for your attention.


Lack of clarity doesn’t feel good – whether it relates to a small aspect or a big part of your life.
It creates confusion, overwhelm, fear, doubt, disappointment, frustration, resentment, pain, and even illness while it keeps you from creating the life you want.

Are you relating to any of this? If you
… Feel that you are not moving forward, that you are going in circles or are stuck
… Would like to experience other things in life, bigger and better
… Want to start heading in the right direction

Then, it’s time to get clear!

Decide that it’s time to start walking in the direction of feeling good, happy and fulfilled.

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