In order to achieve what you want, to make your dreams come true,
you need to go wherever that dream can be made real.
You have to elevate yourself to the place where you vibrate at the same rate
and with the same intensity as your dream. ~ Liliana Vanasco

The second half of the year has begun and it is common at this 6-month mark to evaluate how we are doing in relation to our new year’s resolutions, goals, and intentions.
If you are someone who’s enjoying the results of your accomplishments or is steadily moving along the path towards success: Congratulations! Your dreams are definitely aligned with your heart’s desires.

However, if you are filled with feelings of disappointment, tiredness or dread when thinking about your unfinished or non-acted upon goals, then instead of being harsh on yourself for not keeping up with your resolutions, you may need to look at the source of the goals you chose. Your lack of inspiration or motivation to fulfill your desires is a clear indicator that your goals may be coming more from your ego or your mind than from your heart.

Working on ego-driven goals and resolutions takes so much energy from us because we really have to work at them to make them happen.
On the other hand, when we choose to focus our attention and energy on our heart’s desires, the road to fulfilling them is so much easier because those desires inspire us, they fill us with passion and life, help us transform and grow, and nourish our whole being.

Our heart’s desires work as a compass guiding us to transform ourselves and our lives in order to journey along the path of personal and spiritual growth.

Hence, welcome the restlessness that shows up when you think about your unaccomplished goals or resolutions because it is asking you to look deeper into yourself and discover the real desires that will push you to transform and grow, exposing the best version of you.


We all have dreams, mostly related to three important areas of our lives: love, health, and prosperity. But are these dreams a true reflection of what you really want to experience in this life?

Only a minority of people embrace the task of listening to their heart, clarifying their dreams, focusing on them and taking the required action to make them manifested.

Surely there is a dream beating in your heart, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this article. Your spiritual self, eager to help you manifest your desires has created the necessary pathways for this writing to come into your hands and for these words to ignite your feelings. You know there is a dream in you, a wonderful dream that moves you today and gives you hope for tomorrow.

  • So take the time to listen to your heart, not to your ego that speaks to you about fears, failures and shortcomings.
  • Think about all those things that fill you with energy and enthusiasm, that make you feel really alive and connected to infinite possibilities.
  • Make sure you establish an honest dialogue with yourself to uncover your heart’s desires; otherwise, you will never feel truly fulfilled as there will always be something missing. It might take some energy and effort to peel through the many layers of unsupportive beliefs and thought patterns acquired over the years until you    can reach your authentic self. It doesn’t matter; the rewards are worth the effort.
  • Once you discover what makes your heart sing and shine, make it the center of your focus and attention.

Following your dreams doesn’t mean that you have to give up or radically change your present life situation. This ‘all or nothing’ idea is the one that makes you quit before you even start.
Following your dreams means to give them your attention and some space in your life for them to be nurtured and grow. It means to be ready to take action when your inspiration calls for it, to be willing to learn new skills, to be patient and to make compromises. For many years I worked on my dreams and followed my heart’s guidance while still working in my corporate job until I was ready to give my dream my full attention.


When you decide to embrace your dreams, those who move your whole being, you will start the process of becoming the next best version of yourself.
As I said before, your heart’s desires are your soul’s way to guide you on your path of personal and spiritual transformation.

Trust in your heart’s calling. We are all unique and different and so our dreams are unique and different too. Remember that you are a divine and perfect creation and you possess the gifts and talents needed to accomplish what you came to do in this lifetime.

Don’t waste energy and time comparing your life experiences with others’ life experiences. We all came to fulfill a specific purpose in this life and we are also at different evolutionary levels, therefore, comparing ourselves is simply a futile way of wearing ourselves down.

Allow yourself to follow your dreams. Avoiding manifesting, living and enjoying them in this physical life is choosing to remain unfulfilled and turn your back on true happiness.


When you give attention to your true desires you experience a state of joy day to day. So it’s worth spending some time finding out what your heart’s desires are.

Here I offer you a few questions that will help you in the process of bringing some light to this area. Don’t censor your answers and allow them to come from a place of inner truth and honesty. Don’t think about what others would say or think. Allow yourself to dream:

  • What brings me happiness from within?
  • If I had all the time and money in the world, what would I do?
  • What is that one thing that if accomplished would change my life forever?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What brings the best of me?
  • How can I be of service and make a difference?

Engaging in this activity will make you feel wonderful because you are connecting with your soul. You will feel refreshed, enthusiastic, hopeful, eager, even driven. In the midst of all these sensations, ask yourself this question: what can I start doing today to move in the direction of my dreams?

Write all your ideas down and see what you can start doing today to start moving in the direction of your desires. One small step it’s all that it takes.

It’s time to step into your power. Always remember that no dream is unattainable when it is born from the heart.

If you desire to experience the joy of following your heart’s desires and you’d like guidance and assistance to get started, book here your free consultation and let’s talk.