For many people, the end of the year cannot come soon enough as they want to start afresh with the new one.
Maybe your year hasn’t been good or as good as expected; maybe unhappy memories ask for your attention and overshadow the happy ones.

If you end your year with the desire to be over and done with, that same energy and vibration will be with you as the New Year begins.
The ego makes you think that on January 1st all is new and fresh, and full of potential – which it is, however, your vibration has to be in alignment with that perception. If it isn’t, the enthusiasm of beginning a brand new year will fizzle once the celebrations are over, the resolutions are too much to handle, and your energy readjusts to the ‘low’ setting again.

I, like anyone else, experience ups and downs, however, I always aim to end the year on a good note (read: on good vibrations).

During December I get my journal out for some self-reflection time and I do the exercise I am sharing below. It is simple but empowering, and I encourage you to do it too.

It is Ok to give yourself permission to feel good and grateful, even though the outside world feels otherwise. You are allowed to write a new end of year story. Here is how:

  1. Think about all the good things that happened during the year and write down how you’ve expanded as a result of them. For example, you may feel more valued, appreciated, abundant, confident, happy, loved, etc.
  2. Think about all the not-so-good things that happened during the year and write down how you’ve expanded as a result of them. For example, you may have gained resolve, drive, motivation, determination, vulnerability, appreciation, trust, forgiveness, insights. You may even have discovered aspects of you that you didn’t know you had, overcame adversity, let go of stuff that didn’t serve you any more, or got in touch with forgotten dreams.
  3. Think of the goals, resolutions and intentions that you had set for the year that didn’t happen. Do you want to carry them over into the next year? Have you outgrown them? Have they shifted into something else? List what you want to carry on from this year into the next one.

You’ve almost lived 365 days in 2018 (still a few more days to go…). 365 opportunities for experiences.
You’ve labelled some of those experiences as good and some others as bad, but everything that happened, happens and will happen in your life is an instrument for your personal growth and expansion. That’s a fact of life, of being alive.

The past is true and happened, and you can choose to stay there or to honour your today (and your future).
You can choose to repeat the same story or create a new one. You can choose to live in the solution, be the forgiveness, be the love, make amends, enjoy self-care, listen more, do things differently, live with more presence, connect with the real you, or not.

Today you are the sum of all those life experiences and choices. All of them make who you are up to now. Who knows who you will be at the end of the next year?

Now that you have those lists, you need to do step 4.

  1. Write one big list with what you wrote in step 1 and 2 (the traits of your expanded self).
  2. Be grateful for the good experiences and be acceptant of the not-so-good ones. Decide to let go of any negative label that you don’t want to hold in your heart and soul.
    You can write a gratitude affirmation to acknowledge your appreciation.
  3. Welcome some of the intentions you wrote in step 3 that you are bringing into the new year. Are you excited by them? If not, change them.

How do you feel now about the year that ends? I am sure you feel different, with a new perspective and attitude.

Don’t disregard what you lived because it wasn’t to your liking.

Life has its ups and downs, for everyone. The more you embrace the rhythm of life, the ebbs and flows, the shorter the down times will be and the longer the high rides will last.

Change is not simple, but it’s exciting. Remember that if we do what we always do, we will get what we always got.

Have you got your journal out to do the exercise and begin to tell a new story?

If you haven’t yet, when will you?

If you need help, I am always here to help you.

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I’d love to hear your new story!

With love and light.