Mindfulness – The Way to Well-being

In our modern way of living, with its stress, distractions, demands and fast pace, feeling balanced, present and in control requires conscious attention. When we consciously pay attention to what we experience we are being mindful. When we are mindful or live mindfully we can easily notice when we are not connected to the present [...]

2017-10-11T12:22:18+08:00 October 11th, 2017|Meditation, Tools and practices, Wellbeing|

It’s Time For A Spring Clean

Spring is my favorite season, filled with bright colors and smells, gardens in bloom, butterflies, sunny days and wonderful weather. During this season the winter blues are replaced with an aliveness that envelopes everything and everyone, and prompts us to open the windows, spend more time outdoors, tend our gardens and spring clean our homes. Although spring [...]

2017-09-10T12:06:54+08:00 September 10th, 2017|Empowerment, Wellbeing|