Step into your Year of Divine Manifesting – 10/2/19

Step into your year of divine manifesting This February join me for an empowering and inspiring fest. How would you love to make 2019 the year where you INTENTIONALLY and CONSCIOUSLY plant the seeds of your heart’s desires? The year when you nurture those seeds so they will carry you forward into the rest of [...]

The Art of Mindful Living workshop – 25/11/18

Due to the success of the last Art of Mindful Living event, I have decided to hold it again! This time in Mandurah. The practice of mindfulness is ancient, but only recently has been widely publicised, supported and embraced due to its many benefits. For that reason I’d like to bring to you The Art [...]

The Art of Mindful Living Workshop – 13/10/18

Due to the success of the last Art of Mindful Living event, I have decided to hold it again! In this workshop, you will learn about the importance of turning down the volume of your inner chatter, simple ways to refocus your attention to create inner peace,  and how to find joy in the simplicity [...]

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The Art of Mindful Living – 24/8/18 – Speaking Event

I am delighted to be presenting The Art of Mindful Living at the South Perth Learning Centre. If you enjoy meeting with like-minded others wishing to positively transform their lives and wellbeing then this is a talk you’ll love. The Art of Mindful Living will assist you in understanding the basic concepts of living mindfully, [...]

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Embracing Self-Love

February is usually associated with ‘love’ so I wanted to share something about this topic, especially something that will help you strengthen your self-love. Love is the highest vibration and represents the essence that lives within us in its purest form. You were born out of love—the unconditional love that is your source and your [...]

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Tips to Set Your Theme for the New Year

At the beginning of each year, many people make lists of New Year’s resolutions with the intention to improve, change, let go, reduce, increase, quit, and so on. Comes February and those resolutions feel too hard to accomplish, have lost their appeal and are usually abandoned. This behavior creates a cycle of guilt, frustration, and disappointment around resolutions that follows [...]

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New Year/ New You Empowering VIP Session

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to think about the things that you’d like to achieve in the year ahead. To ask yourself: What do I really want this year? So you write your resolutions and promise to stay on track. But you know that sometimes this is not enough. Often, no [...]

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Soul Lessons to Nourish Your Spirit and Empower Your Mind – Starting 03-01-18

I am delighted to be presenting Soul Lessons, sharing spiritual teachings and practical tools to help you live a more conscious, inspired and empowered life. Soul Lessons are for you if you’d like to enjoy more happiness, heightened vibration and inner growth, as well as more flow, peace and balance in your life. My intention [...]

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Why You Should Listen to Your Inner Voice

Because it is natural to be connected to your source; not being connected is an unnatural state. You were gifted with an inner voice and you have the ability to connect with it and listen to its guidance. You don’t have to be a ‘special’ person in order to access that inner voice; all you [...]

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Raise Your Vibrations

Here I am with Eesha, the owner of Siddhi Space, in a short interview about Soul Lessons, the weekly classes I run at the space. In our modern way of living, with constant demands on our time and attention, distractions and always growing to do lists, it can be easy to lose connection to our own self. When we are [...]

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