Searching for Happiness vs. Choosing to Be Happy

Happiness is relevant every day of our lives and it’s our nature to want to be happy and seek happiness in all sorts of ways. However, if your experiencing of happiness is elusive or short-lived the reason, more often than not, is you! We usually are the ones that get in the way of enjoying the [...]

The Art of Mindful Living workshop – 25/11/18

Due to the success of the last Art of Mindful Living event, I have decided to hold it again! This time in Mandurah. The practice of mindfulness is ancient, but only recently has been widely publicised, supported and embraced due to its many benefits. For that reason I’d like to bring to you The Art [...]

The Art of Mindful Living Workshop – 13/10/18

Due to the success of the last Art of Mindful Living event, I have decided to hold it again! In this workshop, you will learn about the importance of turning down the volume of your inner chatter, simple ways to refocus your attention to create inner peace,  and how to find joy in the simplicity [...]

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A Successful Masterclass

The Elevate your Life Masterclass – ‘Embracing a Positive Mindset’ was a huge success! The masterclass was a great opportunity to talk about how our thoughts and limiting beliefs influence our experiencing of life, present some powerful ways on how to create more of what we want, and offer some simple practices to take control of our [...]

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NEW Masterclass: ‘The Art of Feeling Happy, Abundant & Successful by Embracing a Positive Mindset’

Most of us, at some point struggle with feeling unsuccessful, unfulfilled, and unabundant. We’ve never been taught that what we experience in our everyday life is a direct reflection of our mindset; furthermore, that by changing our mindset we can transform our life. This is what you’ll experience in this new Elevate your Life Masterclass. [...]

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Tips to Set Your Theme for the New Year

At the beginning of each year, many people make lists of New Year’s resolutions with the intention to improve, change, let go, reduce, increase, quit, and so on. Comes February and those resolutions feel too hard to accomplish, have lost their appeal and are usually abandoned. This behavior creates a cycle of guilt, frustration, and disappointment around resolutions that follows [...]

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Your Thoughts Are Powerful – Use Them To Create The Life You Desire

I am always reading, I LOVE reading and I am sure that’s one of the reasons I became an author. At present, I am reading ‘How to win friends and influence people’, an all-time classic that Dale Carnegie wrote in 1936.  This book was written a long time ago - even before my dad was born! but [...]

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