If you look at your desires or intentions and see that you are off track, not much has changed, your daily life keeps getting in the way or things haven’t turned out as well as you wanted, it is easy to feel stuck in your present circumstances.
It may be a habit that you seem unable to shake, a problematic situation that keeps on happening, a solution or way forward that you cannot find, etc. Whatever the reason, it’s keeping you where you are and it doesn’t feel good! I know because I’ve been there. There was a time when I was sick of hearing me say, ‘I am stuck! I am stuck! I am stuck!’ every time I noticed my unmanifested desires.

It’s an unpleasant state of being; it’s exhausting, disappointing…

To me, being stuck feels like pedalling a stationary bicycle. I pedal and pedal… and I get tired and frustrated… and no matter how much effort I exert, I am always in the same place… I am stuck there. I don’t like it at all!

You are not meant to be stuck for long

Our desires and wants are the instruments that move us forward in our life journey. When you express a desire, and you don’t go along with it to make it manifested –you want to go, but you don’t move– life lets you know.

The reason we don’t like being stuck is that it goes against the natural way of life. Life is constant change and flows forward. Life is always moving us forward. That’s what our desires and wants are for; they are the instruments that move us forward in our life journey.
When we don’t go along with that flow, when we resist that movement, the changes, the expansion, we feel the discomfort. You have expressed a desire, and you are not going along with it to make it manifested –you want to go, but you don’t move– and life lets you know.

What does feeling stuck tell you? That you are in a place where you cannot make any further progress with a project, goal or desire under the current conditions. It’s highlighting that something is preventing you from moving forward –a block of some sort.

Contrary to what you may think, this block has little to do with your external situation and all to do with what’s going on with you.

If you lean on the former, and you feel a victim of your current circumstances, hopeless to getting unstuck, you usually react to the present conditions by procrastinating, pointing fingers looking for someone/something to blame, looking for reasons to explain why you are stuck, telling yourself constantly that you are stuck. I did all of these and more. This attitude keeps you stuck and makes it harder to get out of that state.

A more empowering approach is to interpret the uncomfortable feelings as feedback from life and decide to find out what they mean and what you can do with them.

Don’t Let Being Stuck Keep You Stuck…

From my experience, when I felt stuck, it was due to two big blocks that were preventing my movement and progress. These blocks affect everyone at some point; they may be affecting you right now. They are:

1) You have beliefs working against your desires, keeping you in a place where what you want cannot exist. You probably are unaware of these beliefs –they are so ingrained in you that they have become invisible. Unless you are willing to acknowledge the possibility of their existence and work through them, you will not move past where you currently are.

2) You are fearful of the new and/or unknown.  You may be at the threshold of your comfort zone and what you want and desire is outside that zone. Your comfort zone feels safe and familiar, but you are being called to step out and up to get what you want…and that is scary. This fear paralyses you – I’ve been there too– and keeps you from realising your dreams.

Feeling stuck is a state of being that is under your control. Yes, you read it right; it’s under your control. You can decide to get unstuck! The great thing is that once you make that decision, the ‘how’ becomes apparent to you.

There been many instances when I’ve been stuck –sometimes for a long time. I felt I couldn’t do anything to overcome that feeling and situation. I complained, blamed, felt sorry for myself. Until the pain was so strong that it pushed me to find answers and gain control. And guess what? I got unstuck and it felt good!

These days, when I feel stalled in some way, I know what to do. I coach myself through whatever block is in the way so I can continue to move forward. I’ve come to know the feeling of not flowing with life. You can learn to do the same.

Don’t let being stuck keep you stuck! Let being stuck serve you in some way.

Being stuck is a sign that change is needed

So, be proactive and look for what’s really blocking your movement –with honesty, without excuses, without blame, without judgement. The clarity you’ll gain from this exercise will enhance the quality of your life on every level.

Look for ways to encourage movement.  You might need to choose to do and/or see things differently. You might need to:

  • Stop doing things that don’t make your heart sing and start doing things that make your heart sing.
  • Release old beliefs that keep you stuck and embrace new ones that will help you move beyond your comfort zone.
  • De-stress and be more relaxed about life. Let your curiosity and sense of adventure lead the way forward and decide to have fun along the way.
  • Learn to accept every emotion you feel and how to understand what they mean. All emotions are feedback.
  • Get clear about what you want and why you want it.
  • Do a mind-detox and rid your self-talk of negativity.
  • Decide that the past won’t be an indicator of your future successes.

And, you might decide that you need guidance and help to do all that –to coach you through that.


No matter where you are when it comes to your desires and intentions today, celebrate!

You are doing the best you can. Every day, you wake up with another chance to get it right.

Love yourself with warts and all,  be patient with your progress but not so patient that you stop moving, connect with your inner being that is guiding and calling you, and trust that what you want is possible and expect the possibilities to flow into your life.

Since you are still here, let me ask you this: what’s one simple thing you can do today to get you moving towards what you want? 

Feel free to let me know.  I’m on this journey of expansion and flow like you.

And if you need assistance with getting unstuck and moving… well, you know that I am here to help and cheer you all the way.

Happy creations!