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June 2021

February 2021

Step Into Your Year Of Divine Manifesting – 21/02/21

February 1st, 2021|Empowerment, Events, Freedom of the Soul, Meditation, Positive habits, Wellbeing, Workshops|

Come join us to be energized, empowered and inspired to step into your year of Divine Manifesting.   Make 2021 the year where you INTENTIONALLY and CONSCIOUSLY learn to create from the power of your [...]

September 2020

7 Practices to Help You Get Off the Emotional Roller-coaster

September 30th, 2020|Empowerment, Freedom of the Soul, Meditation, Mindset, Positive habits, Tools and practices, Wellbeing|

7 Practices to Help You Get Off the Emotional Roller-coaster We are so powerful and resilient that we CAN handle many aspects of us and our lives at once even when they want to pull [...]

June 2020

Amplify your Vibrations workshop – 26/07/20

June 30th, 2020|Empowerment, Events, Freedom of the Soul, Soul Filled Living, Wellbeing, Workshops|

Amplify your Vibration and Step into your Power Workshop. You create your life through your vibrations by attracting that which is a vibrational match. When you learn to set your vibrational frequency, you learn to [...]


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