Step into your Year of Divine Manifesting – 10/2/19

Step into your year of divine manifesting This February join me for an empowering and inspiring fest. How would you love to make 2019 the year where you INTENTIONALLY and CONSCIOUSLY plant the seeds of your heart’s desires? The year when you nurture those seeds so they will carry you forward into the rest of [...]

Write a New Story for the New Year

For many people, the end of the year cannot come soon enough as they want to start afresh with the new one. Maybe your year hasn’t been good or as good as expected; maybe unhappy memories ask for your attention and overshadow the happy ones. If you end your year with the desire to be [...]

‘Shine Your Light’ Awakening Group Program – July/August 2018

During this program you will be guided and supported to look within, honour yourself, and build a nurturing relationship with you. Working together you will build the foundations where your new empowered self can flourish and shine. One of my aims as a teacher is to simplify spiritual principles, lessons and tools so that they’re [...]

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New Year/ New You Empowering VIP Session

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to think about the things that you’d like to achieve in the year ahead. To ask yourself: What do I really want this year? So you write your resolutions and promise to stay on track. But you know that sometimes this is not enough. Often, no [...]

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Your Thoughts Are Powerful – Use Them To Create The Life You Desire

I am always reading, I LOVE reading and I am sure that’s one of the reasons I became an author. At present, I am reading ‘How to win friends and influence people’, an all-time classic that Dale Carnegie wrote in 1936.  This book was written a long time ago - even before my dad was born! but [...]

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It’s Time For A Spring Clean

Spring is my favorite season, filled with bright colors and smells, gardens in bloom, butterflies, sunny days and wonderful weather. During this season the winter blues are replaced with an aliveness that envelopes everything and everyone, and prompts us to open the windows, spend more time outdoors, tend our gardens and spring clean our homes. Although spring [...]

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Soul Lessons to Nourish Your Spirit – Starting 27-9-17

I am delighted to be presenting Soul Lessons, sharing spiritual teachings and practical tools to help you live a more conscious, inspired and empowered life. Soul Lessons are for you if you’d like to enjoy more happiness, heightened vibration and inner growth, as well as more flow, peace and balance in your life. My intention [...]

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