The Art of Mindful Living workshop – 25/11/18

Due to the success of the last Art of Mindful Living event, I have decided to hold it again! This time in Mandurah. The practice of mindfulness is ancient, but only recently has been widely publicised, supported and embraced due to its many benefits. For that reason I’d like to bring to you The Art [...]

The Art of Mindful Living Workshop – 13/10/18

Due to the success of the last Art of Mindful Living event, I have decided to hold it again! In this workshop, you will learn about the importance of turning down the volume of your inner chatter, simple ways to refocus your attention to create inner peace,  and how to find joy in the simplicity [...]

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Soul Lessons – to Nourish Your Mind and Nurture Your Soul

Are you ready to nourish your mind and nurture your soul so you can create and live the life you desire?  I have created Soul Lessons as an answer to my soul’s calling to share spiritual teachings and practical tools to help you live a more conscious, inspired and empowered life. The lessons offer you a space where week [...]

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The Art of Mindful Living – 24/8/18 – Speaking Event

I am delighted to be presenting The Art of Mindful Living at the South Perth Learning Centre. If you enjoy meeting with like-minded others wishing to positively transform their lives and wellbeing then this is a talk you’ll love. The Art of Mindful Living will assist you in understanding the basic concepts of living mindfully, [...]

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Your Thoughts Are Powerful – Use Them To Create The Life You Desire

I am always reading, I LOVE reading and I am sure that’s one of the reasons I became an author. At present, I am reading ‘How to win friends and influence people’, an all-time classic that Dale Carnegie wrote in 1936.  This book was written a long time ago - even before my dad was born! but [...]

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Why You Should Listen to Your Inner Voice

Because it is natural to be connected to your source; not being connected is an unnatural state. You were gifted with an inner voice and you have the ability to connect with it and listen to its guidance. You don’t have to be a ‘special’ person in order to access that inner voice; all you [...]

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Mindfulness – The Way to Well-being

In our modern way of living, with its stress, distractions, demands and fast pace, feeling balanced, present and in control requires conscious attention. When we consciously pay attention to what we experience we are being mindful. When we are mindful or live mindfully we can easily notice when we are not connected to the present [...]

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Soul Lessons to Nourish Your Spirit – Starting 27-9-17

I am delighted to be presenting Soul Lessons, sharing spiritual teachings and practical tools to help you live a more conscious, inspired and empowered life. Soul Lessons are for you if you’d like to enjoy more happiness, heightened vibration and inner growth, as well as more flow, peace and balance in your life. My intention [...]

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Soul-Filled Weekend at Siddhi Space

The Siddhi Space Relaunch Open Day was nothing short of amazing! We had the most incredible weekend. Over 100 people came in to check out the space, attend sample classes and sessions, and win wonderful prizes. Many of us are still buzzing with excitement! For those of you who attended the event, I’d like to [...]

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Uplift Your Life with Affirmations for Success and Abundance

Affirmations used as part of your daily rituals will support you in living a more empowered and conscious life. As part of my intention to living in an empowered and soul filled way, I perform different daily rituals. A quick note on the importance of rituals (I’ll share more about this topic on another blog): they can be as [...]

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